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Milestones thread

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After reaching 1 million images we have decided to have a milestone every 100 000 images instead of 10 000, that because of the high number of submissions. The good news is the prize for each milestone will now be an Apple photo video 30GB Ipod.
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Posted: 02/27/2007, 03:34:28 AM
What a pity! It was so much fun!
Nikon, Nikon, Nikon!
Posted: 02/27/2007, 04:26:01 AM
We now have 1 100 000 images online.

The newest milestone is a happy image

 Smiling woman 

Congratulations John Casey for winning the 30Gb photo video Ipod. Great image!

Designers, download this images and you can win 100 credits.
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Posted: 04/03/2007, 07:58:55 AM
That's me!!!!!! WOW! Never expected to get an iPod as a bonus on Dreamstime. I'm rapt! Thanks heaps, Dreamstime.....John Casey
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Posted: 04/03/2007, 10:40:44 AM
Today we have reached 1200 000 image online.

Congratulation to the winner of this milestone contest, Andrejs Pidjass

with the image  Girl with a sunflower 

A 30GB photovideo Ipod will come your way.

Designers, download this image you can win a 100 credit package.
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Edited: 05/10/2007, 01:59:32 AM by Admin
What a great image! Congrats!
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Posted: 05/10/2007, 07:24:59 AM
WOW! That's amazing!!! Thank you so much! Andrejs Pidjass
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Posted: 05/10/2007, 09:14:54 AM
100000 image within a month !! Awesome DT ! Congratulations Andrejs and Jhon ! Beautiful images...
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Posted: 05/11/2007, 15:19:28 PM
WOO HOO I won the "Congratulations for winning our 1,100,000th milestone." and received 100 credits!

I did not even know about the contest! Thanks!
Posted: 05/31/2007, 09:51:19 AM

There are websites with services you don't expect !

Dreamstime offers great quality, great prices and ...surprises.

CU from Belgium
Posted: 05/31/2007, 13:26:39 PM
That's right, Alexander Zhiltsov is the winner of our 1 300 000th image contest, he will receive a 30Gb photo video Ipod and a dreamstime official T-shirt.

Designers, download this images and you can win 100 credits.
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Posted: 06/05/2007, 01:58:29 AM
Wow, its very unexpectedly, i didnt win prizes befor )) And iam so glad... I even dont know what to say, because of my poor english ((

But anyway thanks to dreamstime, and there is photo

   Sitting girl   
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Edited: 06/08/2007, 01:26:36 AM
Image 1,400,000 is now online.

The winner of the latest milestone with a pretty witty photo  Clever girl  is Tomasz Trojanowski

Congratulations Tomasz, you will receive a 30Gb photovideo Ipod and a Dreamstime official T-shirt.

Designers, by downloading this image you have a chance to win 100 free credits.

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Edited: 06/20/2007, 05:20:23 AM by Admin

So the last 4 winners photo's have been of pretty women?


The mind boggles! ;-)
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Posted: 06/25/2007, 04:24:50 AM
It seems male models are very difficult to work with or too shy. We have about 4 times more model-released images with women than we have with men.

That's a tip for all contributors who are wondering what to upload.
Posted: 06/25/2007, 04:54:00 AM
Ah so more images of men are needed!

Might take some pictures of myself then as i'm sure there's some horror movies due out that need promoting?

DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3....
Posted: 06/25/2007, 09:15:40 AM
One and a half mil! We did it, and we keep growing by the minute - 2,000,000 are in sight.

Indeed, we've reached 1,500,000 images online. And what a shot! Great stock stuff:

 Checking plan 

Congratulations Pressmaster!

You won a 30Gb photovideo Ipod and a Dreamstime official T-shirt.

Designers, downloading this image gives you the chance to win 100 free credits.

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Edited: 07/18/2007, 10:42:23 AM by Admin
Well done Dmitriy!

Or as you would say it ...ochen harasho.

Sorry for the approximate English spelling.

Keep up the good work.
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Posted: 07/19/2007, 14:56:31 PM
Thank you very much guys !!! Winning this iPod really was a surprise for me !!! I'm sure that in future I will also make you happy by submitting my best stock images!!! As you say, YOUR MILESTONE IS AWESOME !!! )))
Posted: 08/10/2007, 01:32:24 AM
Image 1,600,000 is now online    Magic book   

The winner of this milestone is Boguslaw Mazur.

Congratulations on the 30Gb photovideo Ipod and wear the Dreamstime T-shirt proudly.

Designers, if you download this image you will enter a contest and can win 100 credits to spend on you favorite images.
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Posted: 08/21/2007, 09:16:27 AM
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