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How do you backup? DVD's that won't last or expensive HDD's?

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I have everything saved on an external hdd 2tb drive. Backups are currently uploaded to or gives 50gb free storage. gives 50gb free storage if you own an HP Touchpad or, more recently, Ipad.
Posted: 10/21/2011, 15:45:58 PM
Is Maxell HDD reliable?
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Posted: 02/10/2012, 05:29:48 AM
used that under debian linux for backup many client windows- workstation over network - looks like very ok.
physically that looks like: get a old pc ( pentium 3 and higher be very ok ), put in them large enought HDD for your backup purposes ( depend from your backup strategy. for home station i think, one full backup 6 months old, one full month old, and incremental one or tso times in week will be ok ), set up on this computer debian and backuppc soft, connect to network, configure it,and may forget it for years. also on the same computer may run a fileserver (samba ), your own mail/ftp/web/dns server, firewall / router and so on. very cheap and good variant, imho.
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When you shoot 70 - 100 gigabytes of images per week this becomes a constant issue.

Currently I run two separate 8 terabyte Buffalo Link Station NAS RAID 5 to which all new work is backed up to both every week. One at the studio one at a mirrored copy at remote location.

I also have an additional 3 2 TB external USB drives that I work from on a day to day basis.

Images go from Card to USB Drive B which is my working drive, USB Drive E and USB Drive F are local working archives mostly older work that I find I regularly refer back to that I do not want to be going to the NAS units to work with.

As the NAS Units reach 3/4 capacity select active archive content is copied to working archives and then the NAS us relegated to Archive Status and a new pair of NAS Units are established and the process continues. One day I will have the ready cash to simply buy a rack server and connect it to the backbone run live tape backups and forget about it but for now the system remains modular.

I edit to and from all 3 of the External USB drives with weekly backups to the NAS units (nothing but operating system and software on internal C Drive)

In addition all finished retouched work also goes to the cloud

I did not used to believe I had a need for a mirror at a remote location until one day someone (Me) tripped on a cord that pulled a NAS off a counter while the platters were spinning the result was a loss of the whole directory to which data was being written at the time of the fall, a directory which contained 6 months of high end glamour work. $2,700 in recovery efforts later I was still missing 3/4 of a terabyte out of 4 tb of valuable RAW Data. Now I simply am never 100% comfortable with any backup plan. In the end it is not a matter of IF you experience a Catastrophic Storage failure but WHEN! So for me it is a matter of Backing up the Backup just so I can sleep at night.
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Posted: 02/11/2012, 23:57:57 PM
When planning backup strategy, then these articles can give a lot of inspiration:

Backup - dpBestflow
Posted: 02/21/2012, 12:01:59 PM
I use two external hardrives, both are identical. If one dies, and I've had that happen, I buy another hard drive and immediately back up so I always have two backups.
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Posted: 02/23/2012, 17:16:53 PM
Since this thread is back from the dead, let me share an experience, I just ended my first set of 100 DVD´s backup, so I decided to check all the DVDs before I started the new set to check if they were still good, they are one to two year old.

My surprise was that at least 10 of them showed some sort of problems, I could allways retrieve the information from the other DVD (I have two copies), but I was quite impressed by the fact that a one to two year old backup is already having problems.

Some of them I backed up with my old DVD writer, which I think was showing some problems, so maybe they were not very well written, but still, well, I decided that at least once a year I will check on them.

Just sharing this info with you, I am still waiting to know if someone have any experience with Blu-Rays.
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Posted: 02/23/2012, 18:50:20 PM
I copy the images on two hard drives (master and copy, western digital) and make also two copies on dvds. One of my hdd just broke, and dvd backup just reached 2011 images folders. So, I'll have to buy a new hdd and finish the dvd backup.
This should be more than enough... but considering also the fact that all my hdds and dvds are in my home, I plan to move a hdd to my parents :)) And even have all the data stored in an online backup database.
No backup solution is 100% reliable. My photos will disappear at one point, but so do I. Fair enough :)
Posted: 02/24/2012, 04:58:15 AM
HDD prices dropped so much lately, you should not even consider anything else. Don't keep the HDD next to your PC. Store it somewhere else. Living in South Africa, breaking in is a real possibility and if they steal you laptop/desktop they will trash anything close to it just for spite.
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Posted: 04/05/2012, 02:08:44 AM
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