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What photo gadgets do you want?

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Originally posted by Antonia:
Quoted Message: a Canon 100mm macro lens

studio lighting equipment or if not,

Santa, please I need lots of sunshine by my window...

This is really fun! Am now confronted with what I wished August last year.

Got Sigma 105mm instead of the dreamed Canon macro. Long story...

Studio lighting equipment is still up for grabs.

Am dreaming now of the latest Canon body. Since I am as light as the wind, it has to be LIGHTWEIGHT like my dear old eos300. Any input here, dreamers?

V-Lux1 ...
Edited: 09/25/2006, 07:46:59 AM

Originally posted by Fotoeye75:
Quoted Message: Next on my list is a 20 or 40GB portable drive .. no specific model just whatever is the cheapest at the time. A fast 85mm lens and some reflectors. Then various background and prop supplies.

Since you talked me into joining myspace, what I really, really, really want for Christmas is for YOU to join the colon cleansing group I got invited to join. You said I'd find models, but you left out the part about high colonics. LOL

I'd really like an extra battery for my camera. Mine seems to have taken off on one of our famous Vegas winds. And other than that I'd like some powers of persuasion. A guy opened a studio down the street with four sets (black, white, ceiling mounted rolls, and a boudoir) with a roll up door so a car can be moved in. For my birthday I got a gift certificate for 3 hours of shooting in the place, and I want to convince this guy he'll never make a go of this studio, and he should let me have it for the cost of taking over the least. At the very least I want to convince him he needs a partner.

Hey, you never know until you try.
Posted: 09/25/2006, 04:38:55 AM
You really want to know?! If I went on a wild shopping spree:

A new camera, one of the higher end Canons.

A macro lens.

A portrait lens, I like the EF 50mm f1.4 USM but would settle for the 50mm f1.8.

A set of studio lights with a couple of umbrellas.

An external flash.

A polarizer and neutral density filter.

Various other fixed lenses.

Other odds and ends to make my life easier - eg. remote shutter release.

A high megapixel point and shoot (so I don't need to tote around an SLR when I'm hiking through remote Chinese villages - what a pain)

New MacBookPro - one with some mega huge storage drive

Photoshop CS2


Stacks of big memory cards

Either an all-in-one scanner, printer, fax machine OR a laser printer.

Lots of glossy photographic paper and printer cartridges.

And total and utter luxury - a new video camera with internal storage so I no longer have to import footage off tapes (man that makes me look so out-of-date).

I'm sure there's more, I'll edit this post if I think of anything else.
Canon EOS 300D, some filters, Photoshop
Posted: 09/25/2006, 05:58:54 AM
I think that account with 6-7 digit sum will be ok ;)

and seriously:

for Nikonians:

- set of filters

- memory card with high capacity (2/4 GB, perhaps even 8 GB)

- shadow free tent (like Cocoon or something bigger)

- 50 mm F1,4 Nikkor lens

- 70-300 VR Nikkor lens

- 105 mm Nikkor macro lens

- 18-200 VR Nikkor lens

- studio lights

for Cannoniers:

- set of filters

- memory card with high capacity (2/4 GB, perhaps even 8 GB)

- shadow free tent (like Cocoon or something bigger)

- L lenses

- studio lights

for others:

- memory card, ligths and lenses for their cameras, filters

that's my propositions

Posted: 09/25/2006, 06:27:55 AM

Wireless flash controller, umbrella and light stand. I've been reading strobist!

70-200 f/2.8

That's not too unrealistic but in a month I'm going to become a father so I suspect my priorities may change!
70-300 APO Super Macro II, Sigma 12-24, Speedlite 430EX, EF-S 18-55, ...
Posted: 09/25/2006, 06:29:56 AM
Will, congratulations. I hope I will join 'fathers club' in few months as well :). And yes your priorities will have to change (even if you wouldn't like them to change).


Posted: 09/25/2006, 08:13:37 AM
Well, I have soooo many things, since I don't have much now:

I NEED a GOOD wireless flash controller. (The last one I bought was so slow I couldn't use a shutter speed faster than 1/80, which is completely unrealistic!) and I already tripped on my wires three times and knocked over one of my lights and now the slave function doesn't work. Since, we are on the subject of the stobes, I need a set of three (because two is a bit of a challenge sometimes) with a MUCH faster recycle time (like 1 or 2 seconds would be great).

I could really use a shed to move everything out of my garage so I have some room to move around in there to set up some shots, or some rent money for studio space! (PLEASE?)

How about a Canon 650-1300 lens for shooting sports events or birds?

Really like to go on a personal shoot with John Shaw or George Lepp, but I guess that not really a gadget, now is it?

Last, but not least, I broke my tripod while hiking in the Adirondacks and I need a new one. Something by SLIK would be great with a ball head. I am not choosey, considering my last one was a $20 cheapy, anything is an improvement.

So, there you have it...I think that is everything....Oh wait.. I would really like Photoshop CS!!!! Yeah, that would be great!

Canon 75-300mm lens, Sigma 18-128mm lens. ...
Posted: 09/25/2006, 08:47:11 AM
I got one of my wishes early on Saturday. I've been wanting a nice intuos3 graphics tablet to go with my painter software so I can really get back into doing some art. I had painter when it was version 1.0 and an old wacom tablet that has some pressure sensitivity but it was reallllllllly slow to draw anything.

I recently got the painter 9.5 and it's wicked fast. So my husband got me a new intuos3 on Saturday to go with it so I don't have to try to draw with my mouse. I'm not sure you can even call that drawing. It's sort of like trying to paint with a bar of soap.

I haven't plugged it in yet. I have a couple of things to do first before I mess with my system but hopefully later today I'll get to give it a try.

Big Smiles :-D
is lens...
Posted: 09/25/2006, 10:07:32 AM
Good grief. I didn't realize this was such an old, old thread!!! It's been interesting to see how things have changed since some of us first posted to it and how many of the old wishes have been filled. Good for everybody.

Nlizer, you're gonna love the graphics pad. My command key died for some strange reason and the only thing I couuld use for a week was the Wacom tablet. Now I can't go back to the moust. Painter IX is much more stable than any other version and doesn't just disappear from the screen, and it's amazing what you can do with the oil paints now. Have a wicked good time.
Posted: 09/25/2006, 13:15:35 PM
Thanks Mary :-)

I'm still waiting to see some of your illustrations. Come on, jump in the water is fine.

My old tablet (okay I'm dating myself here) I got in 1990. So you can imagine: 1. what it cost me (let's just say it was 4 figures before the decimal)

2. that is no where near will do what this one does

3. that the software for it was much slower

4. that's why I lost interest.

I'll be having a good time with this one.

I like that Painter now lets you leave your work wet and go back to it. It didn't used to do that. You pretty much had to finish it in one day. So this is nice.

I'm sure you'll be seeing some of it eventually when I get going better.


is lens...
Posted: 09/25/2006, 15:11:33 PM
I should not be allowed to post before the second cup of coffee. Geesh, such typos!!!!

I actually finished my tree painting that in my portfolio here with Painter IX. I start a lot of paintings on canvas, then move them over to digital. It's incredible that you can mix mediums digitally that would just mix up a mess if you tried them in real life.

I'll get to uploading some illustrations one of these days. Blame it on Becky. She got me started with MM and now I'm doing 2-3 model shoots a week that have bled over to doing private client work.

Thank you, Becky. *smoosh* I'm having lots of fun!
Posted: 09/25/2006, 19:06:02 PM
70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor
VR, 70-200 f2.8 VR, 80 - 400 VR Bowens Studio Strobe systems Kino F...
Posted: 09/25/2006, 19:06:57 PM
If I make a wish list here could you guarantee I receive all I wish before Christmas?
__________________________ Canon Eos 300, Powershot G5, scaner Umax ...
Posted: 09/25/2006, 20:07:00 PM
My iMac G4 is showing its age though just 5 years old. In computer years that is the equivilent of 70-80 human years or 13 dog years. My mac is getting slower and slower each day and saying to me retire me to the planned computer retirement facility where maybe it could play golf each morning. Cross my fingers I hope the drive does not crash before retirement. At any rate in about 1 or 2 years I got to look at a new 1.8 gig processor mac with 17 inch monitor. Computers do not last long and I have an old Powermac that I have to junk. Someone said that the best way to junk an old computer is to smash the hard drive with a hammer to get rid of any personal data. Other than that a nice 12-14 mp dslr is on my Xmas list though my new Canon A640 does just fine. DT should continue to give away prizes like an Ipod since those are usefull for storing vacation pics.
Autoreflex TC 35MM camera and various lenses though I rarely shoot fi...
Posted: 09/26/2006, 00:25:14 AM
I would like to just win the 100 credits.. as a designer, I go through credits on here like water! =D

Does anyone want to chat with me about the Canon Powershot G7? I had to give up my dream of having the Rebel, since all the accessories were way out of my amateur photographer budget. Just drop me a message on MSN:

Thanks & Good Luck with your wishes! =)

-- Brandi
Adobe Creative Cloud Canon 7D
Posted: 05/16/2007, 11:29:40 AM
Without a question a 16MP Hasselblad digital back for my medium format system
and nikon macro 100 Olympus E-500 and Zuiko 7-14, Zuiko 35-100, Z...
Posted: 05/16/2007, 12:02:48 PM
Funnelcloud wish is a SLR, with compact is possible to make good pictures but their quality is so bad...:(
Posted: 02/20/2008, 14:01:39 PM
Serban, I need an ATV (or a horse) I promise I'll get you some nature/landscape pictures from no one has gone before lol... Do not send me pair of hiking shoes, not fair!

85 f1.8, 28-105 macro, Canon flash 580 EX, Nikon D200 and various Nik...
Posted: 02/21/2008, 12:21:04 PM
i'd like a tripod for my new nikon, a macro lens and a few lessons on how to maximise my new camera and be able to use all the functions..... (i'm easily pleased!) .. and there would have to be chocolate involved somewhere..!!!
Posted: 05/01/2008, 19:56:52 PM
what i want for christmas is a laptop nothing special just a big enough hard drive to store photos when i am out roaming around looking for pictures to take i hate getting home and seeing shots that didn't turn out
Fujifilm s9500, ezonics opus
Posted: 05/02/2008, 03:44:16 AM
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