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Embarking on CS3

OK, I'm getting ready for CS3. It's shipping sometime the end of this month, and

I just installed the beta, ordered the upgrade for $199, and began using the beta

in earnest today.

This is almost for me like going on a new adventure. Not many people in this world

look forward towards CS3 more than Christmas than me. I'm kinda of a photoshop


The new bridge...HDR....blending modes...new tweaks like Brightness/Contrast etc

all excite me to no end. It's like having starved yourself for 1 week, and then sitting

down to a 7 course meal.

Anyone else share my passion?
L, 180mm L macro, 24-104mm L, 70-200mm L, 50mm 1.2...
Posted: 04/15/2007, 14:55:54 PM
i have been looking over all the products and would love to have either the master collection or the production premium at the least HOWEVER the system requirements are gonna get me. hubby and son have dual core, screaming systems but i am still a "little" behind them. not dual core, no direct x, need more ram etc. i maybe changing my plans here a little .. i want a macro lens more than i want this right now. but it sounds wonderful cs2 will just have to do for now
Illustrations Daz and Photoshop
Posted: 04/15/2007, 16:30:10 PM
Here's two images. I was practicing using CS3 beta today. The new bridge is phenomenal! I love it!

First is the RAW image right out of the canera.

Second is the processed image in CS3....Not too bad for a free beta program

 Dreamstime generic image 

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
L, 180mm L macro, 24-104mm L, 70-200mm L, 50mm 1.2...
Posted: 04/15/2007, 20:00:09 PM