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Flower closeup

Does anyone know whether flower closeups with bee(s) on them are still accepted on DT. Or does DT have enough of them?

28-135 IS
Sigma 18-200 OS
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Posted: 01/16/2005, 05:17:16 AM
There's a general rule of thumb in a growing community like this one - if the photo is better than anything there already is, it is accepted. If it is comparably good then it must differ in a noticeable and useful way from the ones already in the database.

If you think your photo would qualify, bearing the abovementioned in mind, then you're most welcome to upload it. The final decision is for the image inspector to make, however.

(BTW, "better" does not imply greater resolution only).

Regards, Kutt.
DX, Nikkor 70-200mm/2.8 VR, Nikkor 10-24mm/3.5-4.5...
Posted: 01/16/2005, 06:38:18 AM