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Critique Request

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That's more difficult to be done because there are a lot of adjustments to be made within the submission process, search, pricing, etc. It could be an interesting offer but compared to the largest part of the audience is a small niche.

Who knows, when we grow more that could be a new feature...just make sure you don't hit flatten :))))
Edited: 02/02/2005, 08:45:37 AM
Puentes, The the 3D fusions are really great! I, for one, think you are right in there with the group of the "experts" as you say. CONGRATS!!
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Posted: 02/02/2005, 09:54:26 AM
thanks for the compliment Wayne, but I am far from being an expert, I know we are all learning, but I still have ALOT to learn :)
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Posted: 02/02/2005, 10:43:46 AM
Really professional backgrounds and design images. I'm with Achille about the texts. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure your success will increase day after day
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Posted: 02/02/2005, 11:39:23 AM
Puentes, your work is truly stunning, and I think your sales show that many other people think the same. I only wish I could do stuff like that, but I wouldn't even know how to start. I wish you great success!
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Posted: 02/02/2005, 16:50:08 PM
Thanks for your kind words Linda! This stuff is easy to make, taking pics is a lot harder, which is why I started with the illustrations first. My images are suffering from digital noise and I just hate processing them :(

BTW I have a friend at work that has been to Sydney many times and he loves it, I am sending him a link to your portfolio, maybe he'll purchase a couple of images to use as backgrounds :)
Canon 5D Mark II and a Mac :)
Posted: 02/02/2005, 17:49:10 PM
Thanks Puentes. We have been in Sydney 4 years, it's a beautiful city.
Canon Full-frame outfit.
Posted: 02/02/2005, 19:23:39 PM
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