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New feature: revealing keywords used for downloading

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Me, either.
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Posted: 01/23/2008, 20:59:18 PM

Originally posted by Imacon:
Quoted Message: Hmm, I don't I see any columns labeled "Keywords" on my Earnings page. Do I need to enable anything in my options? Thnx!

It is not a column. Joe; The keyword used when your image was purchased just shows under the "last download" date and price in blue...

N/A means non applicable if no keywords were used, Nancy ! (Ncn18)

Hope this helps ;O))
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Posted: 01/23/2008, 21:11:14 PM
OK so the new feature that shows you the keywords that were used to find your images has me confused. While I find it interesting - I don't know how it helps me to keyword better to ultimately get more sales.

Example #1

Description is: Champagne in Ice Bucket

My keywords include: bottle bucket celebration champagne chill cold cube foil glass gold ice icebucket isolated party wedding white new years

Keywords used to find: champagne bucket

Makes sense - Is it helpful to me - no - I expect those words to be used to find this photo

So if they use a keyword that I already have in my keywords the information is really rather useless - just tells me I did it right for that particular search.

Example #2

Title: Man in Tuxedo Holding Serving Tray

Description: Man in Tuxedo Holding Serving Tray isolated over white

Keywords: attire black bow bowtie butler formal gloves holding isolated jacket male man person servant server serving suit tie tray tux tuxedo waiter white

Keywords used to find: star bag

Here's where I get confused. How does this help me - If I had put Star and Bag into my keywords I would / could be accused of keyword spamming as they have nothing to do with the image.

So I did a search for Star Bag and my image doesn't show up in the 7 pages of results of mostly christmas vectors. No surprise, it shouldn't show up in that search. So how did they get to my image from there?

The only thing I can figure is that they clicked on an image then clicked on one of the similar images then clicked on another similar image and so on until they got into my portfolio and found an image they liked and bought it.

But at any rate I'm still not sure how it helps us to better understand keywording, or how to better keyword our images. Am I missing something obvious?

So I guess what I am asking is how you intend to put this information to use?

Do any of you plan to chart each sale and the keywords used to find each image?

Seems tedious to me and not a very good use of time.

Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.


Posted: 01/26/2008, 22:43:52 PM
I think I know why there are some strange results appearing in the 'buyer searched after' column...

Try this:

- Do a search for 'Cheese' - (or anything equally random)

- Now do another search, this time for 'Flying fish' - (or whatever you fancy)

Now, in the address bar of your browser you should be able to look through the enormously long URL generated by the DT search. In there are listed some variables called 'firstvalue' and 'lastsearchvalue'. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm assuming that this is how the details are passed along on how the buyer found the image?

If you look at this address after making your second search, you will see that the first search seems to be the one being logged. Is it supposed to be like that?

I should add that I am not a programmer, I just noticed it in the address bar and thought it might be the cause of some of the slightly random results. Doesn't explain why it obviously works other times tho... unless people search twice...

Posted: 02/19/2008, 16:33:33 PM

Originally posted by Stuartkey:
Quoted Message: I'm assuming that this is how the details are passed along on how the buyer found the image?

No, it's not.

But if you forward me some image IDs with awkward keywords searched I could take a look.
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Posted: 02/20/2008, 03:55:06 AM
This one is both awkward as funny:

Just sold one of mine withe ID: 2513429

revealed keywords: beautifully native woman

It's a picture of some very large elephants walking......................... :)
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Posted: 02/21/2008, 06:44:23 AM
I've noticed something weird, when the same image is downloaded a second time, it lists the keyword that was used for the first download if there was no keyword "NA" used for the second download. If you look on the earnings for that specific image instead of the list of earnings for all images, then it appears that the keywords used to find the image are correct and the latest search is listed as "NA".

It appears others have mentioned this as the same keywords being used, but I didn't see any mention of it as listing the same keywords when in fact none should be listed.

Otherwise, it is interesting data, I'm not sure how useful it actually is, but it did help me notice a few keywords missing for some files. Thanks for that.

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Posted: 03/17/2008, 11:31:32 AM
I don't think that weird keywords are a real problem...

I saw that my recent search terms are restored when I come back to DT site... These terms are alive until I physically delete my cookies so it is possible that if I (buyer) bookmark an image and after that I return to DT (eg. one day later, while my computer were switched off) and I click the bookmark and purchase the image, the search terms are the last ones used, in fact nothing to do with the bookmarked and downloaded image...

Or... any other variation that returns an image without actually searching for it can have bad keywords. (Search for something at DT after that look at your cookies in your browser and search for the "dtlastsearch" item)

However it's a very useful feature. In the past we were talking a lot about what if the buyer search for x, y, etc. ? Now we see what they are searching for.

In fact this system "glitch" shows us more information that is visible:

- buyers search for easy terms and they browse a lot. (sometimes i do a search like the buyer did and I don't find my image so I guess my image was found as viewing somebody's image and mine were a "related")

- buyers often bookmark images/image id's or they simply open many browsing windows

- a buyer may work on different projects and he/she needs simultaneously multiple themes. Looking for an image in project A, he/she may find a good image for project B.

- buyers use advanced search (filtered by categories, orientation, etc. etc.)
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Posted: 03/17/2008, 14:53:43 PM
I love this feature, great work!
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Posted: 04/04/2008, 06:02:04 AM
Welcome everybody!

It is great to be a part of dreamstime! I am quite new here. Could you, please, explain me what does it mean if under a last download instead of keywords I see n/a?

Thnaks a lot!

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Edited: 06/24/2008, 04:29:42 AM by Admin

Originally posted by Kasienka:
Quoted Message: Welcome everybody!

It is great to be a part of dreamstime! I am quite new here. Could you, please, explain me what does it mean if under a last download instead of keywords I see n/a?

Thnaks a lot!

Please, read the first post of the thread to find your answer.
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Posted: 06/24/2008, 04:39:41 AM
very usefule!
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Posted: 09/05/2008, 05:30:55 AM
Try as I might, I can't seem to be able to "suggest" key words. Once you select the suggest link nothing happens other than "close" pops up. I read somewhere this was supposed to be getting fixed, but its not corrected yet. Does anyone know what's up?
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Posted: 09/20/2008, 13:32:53 PM
"helping mom teen"


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Posted: 09/29/2008, 06:14:22 AM
Read on and found my answer. Thanks
Edited: 01/22/2009, 11:04:42 AM
Thanks Achilles! It is a very useful tip.

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Posted: 02/06/2009, 08:29:38 AM
That's a great useul thing! The best feature ever introduced!
Posted: 02/06/2009, 12:54:22 PM


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Edited: 02/09/2009, 12:36:52 PM
Is this feature still available?

I am not able to identify the keywords which prompted my sales.

Under the Earnings summary, there is no such feature in my case

Any help?

Thank you

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Posted: 01/10/2010, 09:39:05 AM
If you see, "Buyer searched after n/a". It means they found your photo through a means other than a keyword search, maybe from categories, or searching in your port. etc.
Posted: 01/10/2010, 09:56:15 AM
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