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I always tell people to register their name and host at GoDaddy.Com. I've never had a problem with them. I do have one client, a new one, who hosts at Network Solutions. I've just began working on their site so I really can't give an honest opinion of them yet but no problems so far.

I've got a couple sites with the domain name registered at GoDaddy and site hosted on our own server and one registered at GoDaddy and hosted by Zenfolio. Never had a problem with any of those either.
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Posted: 03/10/2009, 08:51:08 AM

Originally posted by Pixelerator:
Quoted Message: Hy according to me the website host is good which give larger bandwidth .larger space and no ads and include the readymade installer.

and in website making there is also problem for registring a domain and buy host.

According to me the best webhost in the planel is 00webhost .

It gives free 100 gb bandwidth and 250 mb of space no ads and importing thing is the php safemode is off.

They include ready made website installer like of galleries forum portal like joomla

mambo phpbb smf ipb and its also include the virtual cart for selling our product.

Second importand thig is domain .com .biz they are not free so there is a new domain .cc which is totally free.

see step by step tut at my site which is also made on same host same free domain

and i earn money from it 2$ per day without doing any thing by just displying ads.

Nice webhost, just had a look. It looks pretty promising!
Posted: 03/20/2009, 19:38:28 PM
I have found several free hosting solutions that I absolutely LOVE (NO ADS OR BANNERS!!!!)

1. Google Page Creator (now Google Sites)

2. Syntha Site

I wrote a blog article on this topic here: It lists the pros and cons that I have found.

My second article lists some freee web building tools that I like:

If you want a www. domain address, you could try Google Apps - I LOVE it! It is free hosting (although you must pay for the domain name registration.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. :)
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Posted: 03/24/2009, 16:14:51 PM

Originally posted by Neddog:
Quoted Message: Thanks for mentioning the site, Fleying...

Woops, just discovered this reply now. I should have given my referral link, hahaha. Well I had a look at Godaddy but I still prefer the interface of Namecheap. And yes, PayPal is vital, at least for me. I currently have about 5 personal domains and more for customers, but I register those on their own account, even if they want a turnkey solution. It's only fair and in their best interest.

I saw some people here that like their hoster because it gives out lifelong domains for free. Just don't do that!. They, not you own the domain and if you want to change hoster because of a better deal elsewhere, or they go out of business, or they suddenly raise prices... you lose your domain. In fact, you're a hostage. The investment in SEO, links etc... will all be lost. A domain under an independent registrar is under 9$ per year!

I can't comment on other hosters than hostgator since I didn't try them. I made a comparison last week with the baby croc plan of hostgator and a similar plan from godaddy, and godaddy offered much less: one domain, limited bandwidth and limited space.
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Posted: 03/28/2009, 01:47:57 AM

Originally posted by Eclecticelegance:
Quoted Message: I have found several free hosting solutions that I absolutely LOVE (NO ADS OR BANNERS!!!!)

Free sites are... well free sites. They are fine if you do HTML and CSS and most allow some embedded Javascript, but they don't allow scripts nor databases. That's great if you're going to create a flat HTML site and some applications like Arles do it fairly well. I used arles image web page creator in pure HTML all the time for galleries 2001-2005 and loved it. But forget about scripting, php and mysql, so you can't host dynamic galleries (Coppermine, CMSses) there: you will have to regenerate all your pages on your local PC if you change/add one single images and FTP it all back to your remote site. Good luck ;-)

Blogger has adfree sites too. Yeah right, unless you read the small print. They won't touch a site with 10 hits per day, but back in 2005, I had a very successful blog about the fusion between tech and politics, and after been slashdotted, it caught 6,000 unique hits per day... and there were the ads, popups and invisible divs you can't block all over. My blog became unreadable at moments.

Geocities: watch out... the moment you consume a (very low) transfer volume per 24h, the site is unreachable unless you pay their "premium plan" which is more expensive than an unlimited baby croc plan at hostgator.

00webhost - watch out: that's not a hoster at all but a clever linkfarm that deceives people by putting payed links on there with referral codes to free sites like yahoo/geocities/etc... just can't stand those "clever" sharks.
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Edited: 03/28/2009, 02:22:21 AM
If you need a hosting service get it from http://www.thewebpole.com/ .

I suggest you this.Here i found the reliable web hosting packages at cheap price.

Edited: 12/09/2010, 23:54:06 PM

Originally posted by Bhuvana10:
Quoted Message: If you need a hosting service get it from http://www.thewebpole.com/ .I suggest you this.Here i found the reliable web hosting packages at cheap price.
Not. ;-) The unlimited plan is still 50% more expensive than at hostgator.com. They have blazing access speed in Pacific Asia and Europa, even if they are US-based. They also have fast and unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited domains for under 10$/month. They are also very prompt with support, especially concerning security.

Another good one seems to be bluehost.com, but I don't have any experience with them.
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Edited: 12/10/2010, 11:22:01 AM
Thexyz Server
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Posted: 06/02/2011, 16:13:12 PM
I am a web developer and have used godaddy for domain registrations and hosting for many years and in my experience they take some beating and great prices too.
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Posted: 06/07/2011, 16:22:52 PM
Godaddy is a terrible web host. I have been happy to host my site here for the past 3 years - Thexyz Hosting
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Posted: 01/20/2014, 10:10:56 AM
I actually like Godaddy - was with Hostgator for 7 years until they got bought out and went to crap. Although I have to say those site builder deals from Godaddy look pretty worthless.
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Posted: 01/29/2014, 17:32:29 PM
I use GoDaddy (for domain name) and Zenfolio for portfolio design/hosting. It has good plans, easy to use and modify and updates stuff real fast. Happy enough with the templates etc too.
(My site is just launched...so it doesn't really have anything but you can look at other example sites - really good)
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Posted: 01/30/2014, 10:50:27 AM
I use A Small Orange for my site. Their prices are really low and fast customer service that doesn't give a canned response.
Posted: 02/17/2014, 20:09:42 PM
I would like to order a website with web hosting from Ideo Solutions AS - http://ideosolutions.no/. You know them? I choose this company because I live in Norway and it is important to me that this will be the company from that country.
Edited: 03/03/2016, 01:36:43 AM
Just don't use Godaddy. They will sell your data, and blow up your phone. Absolute worst! I use Hostgator for my site, they are pretty reliable.
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Posted: 03/09/2017, 09:03:08 AM
I'm not at a Small Orange anymore, I've moved my site to Namecheap, they're prices are better and you get more for your money
Posted: 05/21/2018, 09:04:32 AM
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