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NIKON D60 vs D300

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Eh i always prefer using Canon over Nikon. The evidence is clear!http://www.habbycam.com is what I always use. Their dslr cage is sturdy and their shoulder rig is amazing!
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I love nikon! I shot one of my films with one actually a few years ago. I've since upgraded to a canon 7d so now all I need is a dslr cage from http://www.habbycam.com and I'll be all set.
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I have a D300 that is my main camera (Weddings and events), a D90 and my old D70 for backups.

Bought my wife a D60 and after a week, took it back and bought another D300. In my mind no comparison between consumer cameras and the PROsumer cameras. Just the weight difference tells a lot about the camera, let alone the features. The D300 will outlast the D60. Like SYnthetic mentions, the D40/D60 are smaller bodies and I have big hands. When I was shooting film, I was using Nikon F5's with motor drives. THOSE are heavy!. Just feel a better balance with the larger bodies.,
2.8, Sigma 24-135. Nikon SB800 SB600 Dell Studio17 Laptop...
Posted: 12/06/2011, 12:02:07 PM
Oh my gosh I love the d60! A friend I have recently bought two of them to make a 3d rig. He's a little weird. (And foreign) He made some kind of rig using two should rigs from http://www.habbycam.com I haven't seen the actual rig yet but I have seen the 3d footage and it actually looks legit!!!
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