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Hi, Im fairly new to stock images, but am getting a new camera soon, most likely a Digital SLR over a compact, and was looking at Nikons and Canons and possible Sony  Just wondering if anybody new what the best camera was to start at, not to expensive and defo not top of the range but still fairly good to start off with?...
Created by Crisbowyer,
on 10/17/2009
41 replies
Last Post: on 08/02/2011,
posted by pic.r
Upgrading/replacing my Nikon D40
Hi All,    Just wondering if you could give me some tips and advises as I am planning to buy a new SLR....
Created by Lx343,
on 07/19/2011
10 replies
Last Post: on 07/20/2011,
posted by Lx343
Canon 17 TS-E, Canon 16-35 or Canon 17-40
Hi, I am about to make an upgrade from my 50D to a 5D, so I will need to trade my 10-22 that doesnt suit the new full frame body....
Created by Afagundes,
on 05/12/2011
10 replies
Last Post: on 07/19/2011,
posted by Afagundes
Canon 7D or 5D
Hi folks,  I have a canon 50d and three lenses, a 10-22 APS, a 24-105 and a 70-300  I am upgrading the body in June when I will be in new York, I am just wondering about two possibilities, let me see if you can help me on my decision:  1) Canon 7d- this would give me a bit more resolution, less noise and an internal wireless flash transmitter (so I won't need to carry the transmitter anymore), and video recording (that I don't care much about) and a quite impressive zoom range (17 to 480 35mm equivalent), but I need to carry 3 lenses and change them very often, specially between the 10-22 and the 24-105, I am having quite often dust spots on my 50 d sensor because of that....
Created by Afagundes,
on 04/09/2011
25 replies
Last Post: on 07/19/2011,
posted by Afagundes
Finding a good telephoto at a reasonable price
I've been looking at 500-600 mm lenses for a Canon 50D....
Created by Lehmanphotos,
on 05/05/2011
3 replies
Last Post: on 07/19/2011,
posted by Honkamaa
Specs for Macro Lens?
What kind of specifications should you look for in a macro lens that is able to shoot images like the one below?...
Created by Wisconsinart,
on 06/18/2011
6 replies
Last Post: on 07/18/2011,
posted by Vogonify
Graduated ND filters and dark corners - advice needed
Hi,  I'm planning to leave Cokin nd graduated filters due to annoying color shift that makes pictures pink....
Created by Risto40,
on 06/17/2011
1 replies
Last Post: on 07/16/2011,
posted by Risto40
Filters for Sunset/Sunrise Photography
Does anyone use a filter for photographing sunset or sunrise?...
Created by Haslinda,
on 06/08/2011
18 replies
Last Post: on 07/15/2011,
posted by Syamin
Studio kit
Hi all,     I am trying to make a decision about what studio kit I am going to purchase....
Created by Miluxian,
on 06/19/2011
3 replies
Last Post: on 07/11/2011,
posted by Zenonk
Any Reliable Rumors for the Nikon D800?
My Nikon D100 will be a fantastic camera for years to come but even though a horse and buggy is reliable transportation, there are better ways to travel....
Created by Wisconsinart,
on 07/03/2011
2 replies
Last Post: on 07/11/2011,
posted by Adeliepenguin
Dark patches in images: sensor problem?
At the end of today's shoot, I noticed two dark circular marks on an image, one on the top right and the second just above the centre....
Created by Deniskelly,
on 06/22/2011
15 replies
Last Post: on 07/08/2011,
posted by Jevernot
Camera Backpack/Bag Recommendations
I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a good camera backpack or urban camera bag....
Created by Wysiwygfoto,
on 06/22/2011
5 replies
Last Post: on 06/30/2011,
posted by Wysiwygfoto
Canon 550D
Hi all!...
Created by Titania1980,
on 06/19/2011
7 replies
Last Post: on 06/27/2011,
posted by P0temkin
Lens for Canon camera
Im lucky enough to own a canon eos 300d, I noticed that we have a lot of other lucky photographers with the same camera here on dreamstime....
Created by Inspireme,
on 08/13/2004
33 replies
Last Post: on 06/13/2011,
posted by Aggie6680
Tripod advice
I'm looking for a decent tripod for less than $50 but im not sure if there are specific tripods for specifc types of cameras....
Created by Bwd316,
on 06/03/2011
9 replies
Last Post: on 06/10/2011,
posted by Alerizzo78
Canon or Nikon? Need advice
Well, I've been Canonist since I began on digital photography (2004), I'm used to Canon characteristics and I'm happy, but I have never tryed a nikon....
Created by Titania1980,
on 08/30/2010
26 replies
Last Post: on 06/01/2011,
posted by Wysiwygfoto
Micro four thirds or entry level DSLR?
Last week was my second anniversary on Dreamstime....
Created by Jubilist,
on 02/24/2011
21 replies
Last Post: on 05/30/2011,
posted by Neddog
Problem with AF on Canon 16-35
I recently purchased a used Canon 16-35 and now the AF isn't working....
Created by Asakalaskas,
on 05/21/2011
3 replies
Last Post: on 05/24/2011,
posted by Py2000
Old Canon D60 vs. new Rebel ?
Hi folks....
Created by Khep,
on 05/21/2011
4 replies
Last Post: on 05/23/2011,
posted by Khep
Soft images with Canon
A year ago i did a serious upgrade, going from my Canon 300d to a Canon 50d....
Created by Annems,
on 05/09/2011
42 replies
Last Post: on 05/21/2011,
posted by Afagundes

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