Instructions for uploading your images via FTP

1. Download an FTP client
There are several options out there, you can do a search with Google and choose the one that best fits your requirements.
In our example we will use Filezilla, which is a free and easy to use client, you can download it directly from here.
2. Activating FTP uploads in your account
This feature is available by default for all users and you can start using the FTP for your uploads as soon as you've registered for an account. If you encounter difficulties, use our contact form to report issues related to the FTP upload.

Click image to enlarge.

3. Adding the account in your FTP client
Create a new FTP account with:
Server type: FTP
Logon type: Normal (make sure it is not set as Anonymous)
User: [this will be your DT account ID - in digits]
Password: [your Dreamstime account password (CASE SENSITIVE)]

The connection can be saved so later you don't need to re-enter everything.

But for now don't close this window yet. Click on "Transfer settings" button.

Click image to enlarge.

4. Configuring your FTP client
Select the transfer mode as "Passive". Now you can either click "Connect" and enter your account, or "OK" which will save the session and not open the account.

We'll click "Connect", and move on to step 5.

Click image to enlarge.

5. Uploading files
If you can see this window, you have successfully configured your FTP client and entered the account.

The left panel shows files on your disk, while the one on the right shows files that you uploaded in your account. In the right panel you can see two subfolders "additional" and "modelrelease" which can be used to upload Additional formats files ( and MRs.

In order to upload files for review, just select them in your left panel and either right click the selection and then "Upload" in the menu, or just drag them over in the right panel (make sure that you draged your files outside of those two subfolders).

The files will be queued for download in the lower panel, which will show the progress of the upload. After all files have been uploaded, you will see them in the right panell. You can now go to the Unfinished section in your account and finish the submission process.

If after a couple of minutes they disappear it means the system moved them into the Unfinished section, which is an automatic process. Don't attempt to re-upload the files before checking if they are in the Unfinished section, as you will generate duplicates.

6. Congrats! You're done!

Click image to enlarge.

Other FTP clients
Here are some other FTP solutions (they all have to be configured in a similar manner):

FireFTP for Firefox - this is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, resembling in layout to Filezilla. Same ease of use in a Firefox tab. So if you are a user of Firefox, point your browser here.

Total Commander - this is much more than just a FTP client. It's the swiss army knife of file management software, it can do powerful multiple file renames, supports tabs, very intuitive FTP client, integrated compression and decompression, supports plugins for more functions etc. For the complete low down on it check here. Take notice that it is shareware and not free.

CuteFTP - One of the most powerful clients, available for both Mac and PC, can be found here.


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