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Created: 07/31/2011
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Description: In year 2011, the month of Ramadan starts on Monday , the first of August, The muslim was requested to fast ( prohibit himself from eating and drinking ) during the whole month. It is a tradition for muslim to have early breakfast before the start of the fasting day. The time varies from place to place depending on the start of the first sunlight ( fajar ). The fasting ends when the sun sets. It is a tradition to eat sweet fruits such as kurma before and after fasting.

Ramadan is the holiest month for muslim. It was during this month, the angel Gabriel delivered the first verse of Quran to Muhammad - which starts with the chapter "Read or Cite ". The Ramadan is filled with religious activities. Muslim spent a few hurs at night to perform the terawih prayers and read the Quran . In addition , it is honourable deed for muslim to donate and care for the poor, perform religious duties and be obidient.
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