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Sheep are farmyard animals that are widely kept for their wool, meat, and milk. They are social animals that live in herds, and they have a strong hierarchical structure. They are also very intelligent animals, capable of learning and recognizing individual faces. Sheep are herbivores, meaning they feed on grass and other plants. They have a four-chambered stomach which allows them to digest their food efficiently. Sheep also have a good sense of smell and hearing, which helps them to detect predators and other dangers. Sheep are generally docile animals and can be easily managed. They are usually kept in fields or paddocks, and they require regular grooming and hoof care. Sheep are also very hardy animals and can survive in a variety of climates. Sheep are also used for their wool. Wool is a versatile material that can be used for clothing, blankets, and other items. Sheep are usually sheared once a year, and the wool is then spun into yarn or woven into fabric. Sheep are also important for their meat and milk. Sheep meat, known as mutton, is a popular dish in many parts of the world. Sheep milk is also used to make cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. Overall, sheep are an important farmyard animal that provide us with many useful products. They are also gentle and intelligent animals, and they make great companions.
Hands of God reaching out to a lost sheep. Biblical theme concept
Jesus hand reaching out to a lost sheep
Grazing sheep
Sheep looking
Two sheep
Group of farm animals : cow, sheep, horse, donkey
Sheep and cattle
Side view of a Sheep looking away against white background
Texil Sheep
Fluffy Sheep
Sheep on meadow
Ram Bighorn Sheep
Sheep in olive tree field
Shetland sheep
Sheep at sunset
Close Up of a Sheep
Dall Sheep in Alaska
Sheep isolated
Shearing Sheep
Sheep and Lambs
Sheep grazing
Arles Merino sheep, ram, 5 years old
Young sheep
Sheep with her lamb newborn
Friendly Sheep
Sheep Shearing
The Lost Sheep
Two Sheep
Ram big horn sheep
Big Horn Sheep Ram
Sheep looking
Bighorn Sheep
Sheep and wolf
Flock of sheared sheep
Sheepdog and the Sheep
Young sheep
Cow Sheep and Goat in a Pasture
Bighorn Sheep
Sheep in Snow
Sheep and lamb
Flock of sheep
Cow and sheep
Sheep with lamb
Sheep dog herding demonstration
Spring Lambs Baby Sheep in A Field
New Zealand Sheep Grazing
Sheep in the Alps, Slovenia
Sheep lying in front of another standing
Sheep Family in New Zealand, with Young Lambs
Flying Sheep
Sheep vs Dog
Smiling sheep
Chasing Sheep
Herd of sheep
Bighorn Sheep
Luci the sheep
Merino sheep
Merino sheep on a farm in Australia
Merino sheep on a farm in Australia
Side view of a Sheep
Counting Sheep
Shepherd and his sheep
Desert Big Horn Ram Sheep at Grand Canyon
Shepherd with his sheep
Sheep portrait
Sheep Grazing, English Countryside, Lake District
Flock of sheep
Arles Merino sheep, ram, 1 year old
Spring Lambs Baby Sheep in A Field
Three Sheep against white background