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The Shelduck is a large, striking duck with a bright reddish-brown body, black head and neck, and white wings and tail. It is found in coastal areas and estuaries, and is a common sight in wetlands and marshes. It is a very social bird, often seen in small groups or flocks. The Shelduck is a medium-sized duck, with a body length of up to 45 cm and a wingspan of up to 70 cm. The male has a bright reddish-brown body with a black head and neck. The female is similar in colour but has a paler head and neck. Both sexes have a white patch on their wings and a white tail. The bill is black and the legs and feet are orange. The Shelduck feeds mainly on aquatic plants, molluscs, crustaceans, worms and insects. It also eats grain and seeds, and will scavenge for food. It is an active forager, often seen dabbling in shallow water or on mudflats. The Shelduck is a very social bird and is often seen in small groups or flocks. It is a noisy bird, with a loud, raucous call. During the breeding season, the male performs an elaborate courtship display, with a loud honking call and a display of his white tail feathers. The Shelduck nests in burrows, usually in sand dunes or banks. The female lays a clutch of 8-10 eggs, which she incubates for about 28 days. The young ducklings are able to fly at about 8 weeks of age. The Shelduck is a widespread species, found in coastal areas and estuaries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a common sight in wetlands and marshes, and is a protected species in many countries.