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30's 30s 4 30 40 40+ 60 a activities activity adult adulthood adults age aged ahead aligned american americans amuse amused and at baby-boomer baby-boomers boomer boomers boyfriend boyfriends camera cheer cheerful cheery close closeness cloud clouds contact couple couples dad daddy daughter daughters day days daytime domestic domesticity ethnic ethnicity expression expressions exterior exteriors eye eyeing face facial facing families family father fatherhood fathers feeling female females forty fortysomething four freetime generation generational generations gentleman gentlemen girlfriend glad good grin grinning grins group groups grown guardian guardians guy guys hang hanging happiness happy heterosexual heterosexuals hispana hispanas hispanic hispanics hispano hispanos home household husband husbands in jolly kin ladies lady latin latina latinas latino latinos leisure leisurely life line lined lines lining look looking male males married maternal maternity mature matures men mid mid-adult middle middle-aged mom mood mother motherhood motherly mothers multi multi-generation multi-generational multigeneration multigenerational mum mummy mums of off offspring old older olds out outdoor outdoors outside pa parent parenthood parenting parents partner partners paternal people persons pleasurable pleasure related relation relations relationship relationships relative relatives row rows scene scenes season seasonal seasons sixty skies sky small smile smiled smiles smiling son sons spare spouse spouses summer summertime summery the thirties thirtysomething time to together togetherness two up upbeat ups viewer weather weekend weekends wife wives women yearless

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