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Created: 05/26/2008
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Description: South Padre Island is located at the very southernmost tip of Texas. The sand is fine and white, the water is blue, and (sometimes) the surfing is good. There are great swathes of natural dunes north of the town. Fishing is excellent, both in the sea and in the Laguna Madre, the bay between the island and the mainland. Many migratory birds either stop on the island on their way south, or they winter in the area.

The small resort community of South Padre Island has less than 2,500 permanent residents, but many thousands of hotel and condominium rooms are available too. South Padre has a lively Spring Break attendance, and in the winter, many "Winter Texans" come to the Rio Grande Valley for the warm sun and balmy weather.

The area has some historic importance as well. It was first charted in 1519 by a Spanish explorer. In 1804, Padre Jose Nicholas Balli established a settlement on the island. Nearby Port Isabel is one of the oldest continually inhabited areas founded by Europeans in North America as it was settled in 1554.
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