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Created: 09/18/2014
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Description: maximun respect for all photographers shooting streetstyle worldwide in search of the perfect personal inspiring icon,subject,V.I.P's or not,it doesn't matter if you're pro or not,streestyle is only for who's art-consciuos and high end photography expert.Here's we're not in the studio or on set you can repeat the shoot as many times as you want,with perfect lights and background,with nobody disturb you or your subject.Here's we're on the way,in real life,many times in crowded streets with bad lights,wrong background,many disturb you,very often taking the pic is a very few second question no more than 2 or 3 and infrequently you can repeat the shooting,you'll be always ready and flawless.In one word you must be a "photomaster".Don't worry if you're not in london,paris,milan,new york shooting during fashion shows week.Street style is everywhere.
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