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Hence, the careful review. When we review the reports, we always make sure we take these into account.

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The audio section is not live yet but we're very close to that moment. We will obviously make an official announcement so stay tuned.Mirkic, sorry to spoil the surprise but your downloads were some test downloads we made on our end. As mentioned, th ... [Read more...]

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Whenever you report bad keywords, the report goes to Dreamstime only and we review it. The users do not receive any comment right now so they do not know if their image requires correction or not. We have now decided to change that and we're working ... [Read more...]

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Carmen Pietraru


Bucharest, Romania
Carmen Pietraru (Tangie)

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I am one of the brave Dreamstime admins. I am friendly, sociable and quite talkative so don't be surprised if I answer some of your emails. I can help you with site-related questions and I specialize in usages, licenses, exclusivity issues, keywords, searches and account management. When very young, I fancied traveling around the world but ended up embarking on a long and interesting journey into the land of foreign language studies. So I may check your image info, posts, blogs and/or anyth ... more

June 1, 2007
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