Together we can make a difference! Join Dreamstime in sharing the blessings of this year's Thanksgiving with those less fortunate.

Donating couldn't be easier. Just enter the amount of Dreamstime credits you wish to give and we'll match it with a cash donation!

We're leaving the decision of where the donations go up to you, our community!
Tell us which charity you think deserves a donation and why on our forum here.

The most popular charity will benefit from the money raised.

The donation is officially closed.

Thank you for your support, comments, kindness and generosity. You have donated $3,235 and as promised, we matched this amount!

The charity voted to receive your donations is: Doctors without Borders

"Thank you" note from Doctors without Borders

This campaign kicked off on Nov and ended Nov. 28th.

One donated credit can make a difference for:

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