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Kids swimming

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Client with four swim schools is always looking for new photos of cute children either swimming or who look like they've just been swimming (i.e. wet hair, towel etc.) Mostly interested in ages 2-8, boys and girls, and especially in need of ethnically diverse models--especially Indian and Asian. Kids MUST be making eye contact with camera and smiling. No "floaties" or inner tubes, please. Goggles OK, but we prefer them pushed up on forehead so eyes are visible. Real swimming pool in background preferred, no wading pools, lakes or oceans. There are about a dozen images already on Dreamstime that meet these criteria, but I've bought them all and still need more!
Posted: 06/04/2008, 14:00:56 PM
This one just as an example. There are more in my portfolio.

   Giggling child   



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Posted: 06/04/2008, 14:36:34 PM
Edited by admin: images don't match requirements

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Thanks for your submissions! We're close, but this client of mine is very picky. Sleiselei, your daughter is very cute and the first one is very close to what we're looking for. I can isolate the backgroud (to get rid of the dreaded inner tube), but the awkward placement of her left arm is a problem. Do you have any others like this, where she's making full eye contact and smiling, but in a more natural pose?

Ankevanwyk, your girl is cute, but her smile just looks too forced.

Sorry to be so picky, but like I said this client has a very clear vision. The good news is that they buy LOTS and LOTS of photos to support a lot of newspaper and magazine advertising along with posters and flyers. So keep your kid shots coming!


Posted: 06/05/2008, 10:52:23 AM
edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements.

Maybe this helps???
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Not sure whether arm bands are 'floaties' or if you are referring to the floating board things :)

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements - floaties
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Okay, there are two other swimming portraits of the same model (without forced smile) and then one with the teacher:

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   Swim training   



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Edited: 06/12/2008, 02:50:12 AM by Admin
Anke, love the one of your daughter with the thoughtful look on her face, but do you have it in color (not sepia and not spot color on the eyes)?

"Floaties" are those arm bands that keep the kids afloat. Real swim teachers DO NOT APPROVE. I can't have any flotation-assistive devise shown in these ads.

Again, thanks all for your submissions,

Posted: 06/05/2008, 22:32:39 PM
Hi Leeannn:

I have a pic of a young asian girl (age 7-8) sitting at edge of pool, in bright orange swimsuit and smiling into the camera. The pic is in the pending queue for approval and I have sent admin a request for priority review. Hope you can check it out if it becomes approved. Anyway, I will drop you a note if it does. :)


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Posted: 06/07/2008, 00:03:00 AM

Here's my pic mentioned in previous post:

Edited by admin: image don't match requirements.

Hope it meets your requirements,

and lots of thanks to admin for the fast approval ~ :)

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Edited: 09/03/2009, 04:45:51 AM by Admin
I've got some that might be suitable.

   Swimming pool fun   

   Happy smiling summer child   

   Piggyback fun   

   Snorkel and mask   

 Edited by admin: image don't match requirements.

   Drying hair   
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edited by admin: images don't match requirements.

See my cute baby.
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Hi LeeAnn,

here is the photo of the model above in color as requested:

   Pretty girl   



p. s. Thanks to the Dreamstime team for the priority review of the image!

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Posted: 06/09/2008, 04:02:28 AM
I would like to respond to poster with specific questions, but they have no images to send a post that way. How do I do that?
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Posted: 06/09/2008, 08:16:41 AM
Carolyn--I'm new to these message boards and don't know how to communicate directly with you either. Do you want to post your questions for me here, and I'll do my best to answer?

Again, my request was for a single child, age 2-9 who looks like they've just been swimming. They should be making eye contact with the camera and smiling. Boys or girls, all ethnicities but very interested in Indian or Asian subjects as those are very hard to find. Photo should not contain any flotation-assistive devices like inner tubes or inflatable arm bands, or any pool toys. Prefer a background of a pool rather than a lake or ocean, but that can be corrected with PhotoShop. Child needs to be very cute, with a natural smile.

Thanks to all you who have contributed so far. I'm running your comps by my client. Keep 'em coming, as I said this client continually buys these types of photos year-round.

Posted: 06/09/2008, 11:37:06 AM
I did add a couple that the child was not looking directly at the camera... Because my daughters & husband are 1/2 Asian.

We live in Las Vegas & have a pool in the backyard. If you are happy w/ the models Please let me know if you want something more specific. B.

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements

 Water Baby 

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements

edited by admin: image doesn't match requirements

 Shining Eyes   
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Edited: 06/10/2008, 04:28:36 AM by Admin
 Water Child   

Actually this image that was removed, did meet the requirements. Exactly.

I don't think it was fair that you only edited my post when other images in this thread do not meet the OP's requirements either. (Not at the beach, no wading pools, no floaties)

I was only trying to show the OP images of my family so that she could decide if they would be appropriate models for her needs, as she did request "Asian" Children Swimming.

Hardly Spamming the board.

To the OP... Please contact me directly through commenting on my images if you want to see the removed files. Thankyou.
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Posted: 06/10/2008, 09:33:45 AM
edited by admin: images don't match requirements. Buyer requests images of kids just OUT of water.
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Heres some of mine 

edited by admin: images don't match requirements. please repost, using only images that DO match requirements

Edited: 06/12/2008, 02:47:26 AM by Admin
I have quite a few images currently in portfolio of this model in pool and poolside.

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
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Posted: 06/16/2008, 15:31:15 PM
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