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Price adjustment and royalties updates

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Price adjustment: 2008 credits and levels update

 Blue fir tree 

It has been a longer "credit" year than 2007/2006, but not without a purpose. Lots of new features have been brought online in the last 16 months, too many to be mentioned here without diverting this thread. We hope that the patience paid off, not only for contributors but for designers as well, who enjoy the best edited collection in its market.

After the middle of July, we propose a high increase in royalties for photographers based on the new prices, while also bringing a higher marketing budget for promoting our talented contributors.

Subscription packages will sell at the same price, while royalties for them will be increased with 16.66%. The credit packages will increase royalties much more, with as high as 50-75% in average.

The bonuses awarded in each credit package will be a part of the future royalties. As you probably know, we were the only agency supporting all bonuses. Starting middle of July, the value per credit will be calculated depending on the actual credit value referenced to the package acquired by the buyer. The budget invested by the buyer will be divided by the number of credits. Royalties will stay the same: 50% for non-exclusives and 60% for exclusive photographers or exclusive images. Their specific value will vary depending on the acquired package.

Referral program earnings will continue to be supported by the agency.

Dreamstime is a non disputed leader in stock photography and our site probably represents the most sophisticated platform in stock photography. Our pricing structure is one of the best things we brought on the market, because it allows us to bring new revenue to contributors without affecting drastically the buyers that want great value for their money.

The free images section, the unique credits+subscription formula, the level-structured pricing and the various licensing possibilities (royalty free, editorial and extended licensing) allow us to bring a high increase in royalties while buyers can still adapt. Designers looking for top quality will see an increase of their average purchase, while the ones looking into our value offers will see no significant change.

We continue to see industry records on a daily basis. In May we doubled the number of images we added in December and the sales took a 70% jump. With all the features we released during the last year, it was time for a price update. The expected growth after the international versions are launched should be high and that's additional to our regular growth. Correlate this with the new prices going soon into effect and contributors' royalties should double in the near future.

We believe it's a great upgrade, fair to everyone, but wait community's feedback, both buyers and contributors. As before, credits acquired until the release will enjoy the previous pricing for one year.

Hope you enjoy it!
Edited: 06/17/2008, 07:03:47 AM by Admin
well done DT!! :)
Posted: 06/17/2008, 07:18:58 AM
Very Good and Thank You!

Do sub downloads count toward your total number of downloads and help move an image to the next level?
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:10:12 AM
I like it!!!!
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:12:11 AM
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:13:41 AM

Originally posted by Neonriver:
Quoted Message:

Do sub downloads count toward your total number of downloads and help move an image to the next level?

Yes, they always did.
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:16:04 AM
Fantastic to hear all the good news! It looks like DT is where it's all happening and I look forward to it's continued growth. Now that we've hit the international market I would like to say Viva la Dreamstime :-)
Canon 50D and Canon 400D
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:18:36 AM
WOW!! Thank you DT!! :)
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:24:27 AM
Now thats what I call a great move!
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:25:03 AM
Sweet! Thanks Serban and all the other guys & gals.

Especially nice to see the increase in subscription royalties... now only 18 cents short of an exclusive regular credit sale (albeit for level 1 extra small). :)

Looks like time to beg, steal or borrow a new camera too... over 12mp... 5D mkII anyone?

Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:29:05 AM
Great news!!! :)))
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:29:21 AM

Originally posted by Achilles:
Quoted Message: ...contributors' royalties should double in the near future...

Now that would be SWEET!

Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:31:00 AM
Great :)

Now hopefuly I'll reach my first 100$ soon :)
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:32:20 AM
Wonderful news!!!
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:40:59 AM
COOL!! Thanks! I like more money, everything else is going up. Stuartkey, if you FIND 2 cameras, I'll take the extra one.
Nikon and sometimes an older Olympus.
Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:41:28 AM
AWESOME!!! I have a question. Will the levels apply only to images uploaded AFTER the change in July, or will it also apply to those already uploaded? For instance, if I have an image now with 8 DL, will it be a 2nd level after the change in July?
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Edited: 06/17/2008, 08:48:16 AM
Excellent news - thanks DT! :)
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 08:49:15 AM
Great and wonderful news! :))))
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 09:11:26 AM
WOW I like it!!!!!!!!!! The new levels are really really good and subs help those images going up and up which is great ;)

Thank you
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Posted: 06/17/2008, 09:32:30 AM
well done, DT!!

i love the new level-structure, as well as the extra small option.

now i'm even more motivated to shoot more. ;)
Posted: 06/17/2008, 09:32:35 AM
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