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Dreamstime gallery on your website

I have a website with a gallery (

http://www.northernlightsdesign.co.uk/photography/index.html )

It all works fine, however, as I put more image on dreamstime, i'm thinking of removing my own gallery, and replacing it with the images i've got on dreamstime (eg https://www.dreamstime.com/jonshutt_more-popular-photos_pg1 )

Does any one know a way of incorporating this gallery into another website.

I'd like people to look at my website, look at the image, and then realise they can purchase the images on dreamstime.

Pentax IST DL
Posted: 08/05/2008, 06:40:55 AM
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think you want to look into the API program under referrals. I don't have a website, but it is my understanding that they have more of a custom option there. If not, email support and see what they suggest.
Tough TG-4 when I travel, but don't use that very often for stoc...
Posted: 08/06/2008, 19:36:21 PM

You can use referral links. There are referral links for both thumbnails and collections. The referral links for images can be found on the image detail pages - Tools green tab - and the referral links for collections are to be found on each collection's details page - please see collection list here.

If you use these referral links you will participate in the referral program that can bring you extra earnings. You can read more about this in blog article.
Posted: 08/07/2008, 02:41:02 AM