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Icon sets

I am not a photographer nor do i use their programs, but i need a way to automate breaking apart the icon sets, so that i might use them individually.

I use the Adobe CS3 suite.

Any help or thoughts is much appreciated,

Posted: 10/12/2008, 14:42:50 PM
Some may be saved with clipping paths. I'm not sure how that works, but you may want to look into it. I think artists/photographers usually indicate that in the description, so try including the phrase "clipping path" in your searches for icons.
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Edited: 10/12/2008, 18:43:48 PM
Here's a tutorial.


You could also do a manual selection>invert>and delete.

If it's to crisp or jagged feather it by 1 to 3 pixels. Depending on the size of the image ofcourse. Hope this helps.

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Posted: 10/13/2008, 08:19:20 AM
Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but in Photoshop use the "crop tool" (key shortcut "C")and save each individual icon in a new separate file, or if you are placing the icon images in either Illustrator or Indesign, just marquee select individual icons and copy (control+C) and paste (control+V) into those programs. There really is no "automated" way, since you need to manually select the area you want to use...sorry if I'm being simplistic, but I'm assuming you are not familiar with the programs at all, and I know they can be overwhelming to a non-user.
Posted: 10/13/2008, 10:02:23 AM
Actually, I believe that if you use a set of icons that have been saved with clipping paths, you don't have to manually select the outline. It's already stored in the jpg file.
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Posted: 10/13/2008, 13:30:06 PM
True :-) ...but since you had already explained that, I was giving help for those without an included clipping path...I think there are probably many of those here.
Posted: 10/13/2008, 14:19:37 PM
as long as the background is the requested background and you don't need to cut around edges .. I woud use Adobe fireworks - its great to crop icons to use for web as you can export them optimised. Newer versions of photoshop is very good with this too.


Posted: 10/17/2008, 08:28:04 AM
If the image is an illustration, you can ask and download the vector file in 'additional format' area. The example is illustration, and a vector version is available, where in the user can use each icon separately.

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Posted: 10/21/2008, 14:35:15 PM