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New program: Tens of millions potential users for your content!

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Our efforts to bring you more buyers have paid off once again. We have just started a cooperation with social-networking website MySpace. With about 235.000.000 members, MySpace is one of the biggest worldwide websites of all times.

Using a Dreamstime image selection, MySpace members will soon be able to easily create and send real printed greeting cards to their MySpace friends and family's home addresses. This service is for personal and individual use only. Each greeting card will be of the same high quality as greeting cards you would buy from a shop; in full colour on greeting card paper. MySpace will actively promote this service to its members from the beginning of December in Europe. This is a pre-launch announcement. The official announcement for Myspace is scheduled in around one month from now.

Our digital printing partner providing this service will make an initial selection. In order to qualify for this selection your files must be enrolled in the Alliances program by October 30th . Royalties in the first phase will be paid monthly. In phase two, royalties and any new additions or removals will update automatically (just as for the rest of the alliances) and the selection will be expanded to the entire database (through the Alliances section). Most images (more than 99%) are already in the Alliance program and eligible for this new revenue opportunity.  

The new service is a consumer-oriented licensing, similar to our P-EL license but focused on a single, personal use. This new service provides royalties on a per-print basis rather than a one-time fee. 10,000 printed copies in this program will bring you about $600, compared to the regular $25 of the P- EL. For example, if a P-EL is issued for 10,000 copies, the photographer receives $0.0025 per copy. In this new program, the royalties are significantly higher per copy, around $0.06 for each printed card, for non-exclusive images, and about $0.07 for exclusive images. Revenue is expected to be far higher than a regular P-EL license considering we estimate a very high volume of such usages.  

The end user won’t have access to the digital image, but only to the final printed greeting card (single item). Additionally, your credit line will ALWAYS be displayed clearly on the website, next to your content and on the physical card.

We are very pleased to have negotiated this royalty while competing with some famous traditional content providers.  

The fees are very close to what they usually charge for the same use.  

The potential revenue is very high. The audience is fantastic, tens of millions potential end-users. And that's not all: we will bring new distributorship channels with other international and local leading website partnerships for this service. It's not a secret anymore that we have far exceeded the boundaries of stock photography as it was once known.

It is another step in meeting demand, increasing revenue and giving more exposure to your images while bringing new customers into the market. Hundreds of millions of them!  

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Wow!! a great new.

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Posted: 10/21/2008, 10:16:34 AM
Going positive already... ;)

Great news! Thanks!
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Posted: 10/21/2008, 10:26:37 AM
This sounds really promising indeed. The thing that I am anxious to see is whether it will increase those 'final design' images sales. Picturesque landscapes, touristic destinations, beautiful portraits, fine art etc. The 'end users' should love DT's collection :)
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Superb news - absolutely superb!
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Posted: 10/21/2008, 10:38:58 AM
I love those efforts from DT :). Wonderful news !
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Posted: 10/21/2008, 10:39:50 AM
Very interesting, look forward to seeing how this develops!

And a good step into the world of print services too, I'm sure there are plans to extend this beyond the realms of greeting cards...? :)

Nice work on the credit line too, excellent stuff.

Edited: 10/21/2008, 10:43:58 AM
Hi Serban,

That's great!!! Are you planning to create similar collaborations with other sites, like Facebook etc.?

Posted: 10/21/2008, 10:49:46 AM
hey that sounds nice! :)

Do I have to do something? Will we get a new extended license or something which has to be activated?
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Posted: 10/21/2008, 11:09:01 AM
Very glad to know about this!

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Posted: 10/21/2008, 11:46:59 AM
Great! I love making cards and it will be fun to know what they use. Maybe more unique shots will be accepted just with that in mind!?
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Posted: 10/21/2008, 12:34:52 PM
Awesome! Good job, DT!
Posted: 10/21/2008, 12:41:09 PM
This is great! Keep the new ideas coming!!

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Posted: 10/21/2008, 12:55:24 PM
Great news! Thanks!
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Sounds absolutely fantastic!

Millions of possible customers, I love it!!!

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Posted: 1 minute ago
Great news! It's fantastic !!! Waiting to see the results ;)
Posted: 1 minute ago
this is great!! thanks DT
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Posted: 1 minute ago
This is quite exciting. The photographers and designers will need to plan their photo shoots keeping in mind the needs of this new avenue.

Really great.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Wow! That's a great marketing coup. Well done Serban and all the team.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Wow Serban, I would take this as a party I requested for our 4 million images online :) . Thanks for the party!!!!! Will be expecting parties for record sales now :D
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Posted: 1 minute ago
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