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Icons images in DT are almost useless for webdesign

All icon images that can be found on DT are almost uselss because the background is not transparent and it is dithered by the file size reduction and jpg compression.

So when attempting to remove the background of an icon to make it with a transparent background to be used on a web site (I use Photoshop magic wand selection tool) the dithered pixel around the border of the icon produce an horrible result.

For example a red icon on white background, levaes a red dithered dots around itself aftre the background was removed.

Does anyone know a way to remobve the icon background in a better way? Otherwise icons on DT are useless unless we have a website of exaclty the same background color used by the icon image which is quite diffcult.
Posted: 12/05/2008, 14:02:34 PM
One solution is to download vector file or request additional format if not available.

Another solution is to use paths or eraser. There could be easier solutions too, I'm not very clever with Photoshop. But I personally would use vector files, if possible.
Galaxy S6...
Posted: 12/05/2008, 14:47:18 PM
When using the wand selection tool, it is best to smooth the border before clearing the selection.
Posted: 12/06/2008, 12:55:35 PM
Thanks Maigi!

It works great!

1) I 1st use the magic wand to select the background

2) I do a Select > Feather 1px to smooth the selection

3) I cut out the background.

Cool, it works, great results| Thanks Maigi, thanks!!!!

Anyway not everybody is able to play with Photoshop.

DT should force people that upload icons sets to upload also a PNG format with the transparency and not onlye the JPG format.

Icon sets would become much easier to be used and DT would suddenly become a really great place to download very beautiful and easy to use icons too.

Posted: 12/06/2008, 14:10:34 PM
I meant thanks to Kenneystudios for the Photoshop suggestions, many many thanks.

I don't understand when Maigi says I should request additional format? I don't see a plce wher I can request additional format.

Posted: 12/06/2008, 14:14:09 PM

Originally posted by Zapwarp:
Quoted Message: I don't see a plce wher I can request additional format.

It's on the image page, right from the image there are 3 tabs:

Royalty Free | Extended licenses | Tools

Click on Tools and the first selection is "Request for additional format (specify desired extension)"

It seems to be available on when this image is an illustration and has no additional format files available.

Great you found your solutions! :)
Galaxy S6...
Posted: 12/06/2008, 23:02:01 PM
I think, the best way for usable web-icons are vector-files. You can scale them in any way without loss of quality and you can use them in vecor format in flash or export as gif/png with transparent background. I upload web-icons always as Illustrator-additional-format
Illustrator, Painter & Co. ...
Edited: 01/19/2009, 06:53:05 AM
make sure you save your icons as .png not .jif after you make a 1px feather... this might be a good solution.. but again the perfect solution is a vector file !
Posted: 03/31/2009, 13:56:50 PM