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Help an Illustrator/Designer to become a Photographer!

My photos sell definitely worse than my Computer generated images.

Give me some advice please! I have a middle class digital camera for almost a year, but started shoting seriously the last 2-3 months since I signed in the stock sites...

What are my mistakes in photograpny?
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Edited: 07/19/2005, 06:02:27 AM
I'm not sure, but I think you're asking about what you need to do to sell more photographs here. If that's the question then the issue is more about the types of subjects you might want to tackle than flaws in your photography technique.

You have a small portfolio, and the subject matter in the photographs isn't the most popular stuff. I think you need to look at the types of images that sell well and then get uploading :)
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Posted: 07/20/2005, 23:48:00 PM
i wouldn't get discouraged, you have nice work both in photography and illustration, and you can also combine the two - it's probably easier to sell your illustration because it's easier to be more unique with them - sometimes it seems as if most photographic images have "been done before" because photography is just so accessible to so many people. not everyone can draw or paint, though - make sense?

so, if you want your artwork to be original, keep doing what you're doing - and try to see things from different angles, or get a unique crop or closeup on something. if, however, you want your work to sell, sell, sell, then look through the site and see which images are downloaded the most - you may find that they are not the images that are necessarily the most striking or unique, but rather the most useable, or even the most "corporate". it all depends on what you want.

best of luck!
Posted: 08/17/2005, 14:23:22 PM
First let me say your work is excellent so don't be discouraged.

I think your 3D work is exceptional the pics really pop and more importantly to your question your choice of subject matter is overall better in 3D than in photography. I would think that is having an effect on your sales?

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Posted: 09/09/2005, 17:24:46 PM
I'm certainly noone with any base for speaking out about what works on this site or not, especially since I'm still trying to figure it out myself, but I will give you my gut reaction on your illustrations - keep it up! If you have that innate talent by all means utilize it!! They are such lovely, fanciful things to look at! I know some tatoo artists that would add those to their repertoire in a heartbeat. Best of luck to you. ~C
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Posted: 09/15/2005, 08:57:41 AM
Reading you gives me too some hope, thanks!

I'm new here and I've tried with photos but just like ABV I have just a Nikon coolpix P500 (not bad but still got some rejections because of "poor lens quality and stuff) and I am mostly a draughtman and a painter. Got a lot of potential illustration already in my portfolio (if curious, see my blog, http://ivdanu.wordpress.com/) and I'm able to draw and paint just about anything.

But I have a few problems (and thought maybe some of you, veterans of Dreamstime, could help me understanding and getting some solution):

1. my portfolio is low resolution mostly (when I made it, starting with 1999, resolution was not important for me and anyway a 1MB image was then HUGE); I know I can resize them (I work with Corel PaintStudion Pro5 which is not Adobe photoshop but pretty good - and legally bought!) but then I will have pixelation and stuff...

2. I just started to learn Inkscape (cannot afford Illustrator) and I don't know - and this is my MAIN question! - if I can import a low resolution jpg, save it as a EPS and unploade it on Dreamstime with chances to be accepted ? How to do it? Will I have to re-draw and repaint all my portfolio, scan it at high resolution and than save it as eps?

That's enough for now. I just say I am in a dire financiar situation (my mother died recently and I had to leave my job and all in Canada and come to Romania to bury her and take care - for an indetermined time - of my 85 y.o. father; not trying to be pathetic or corny or something like that and not asking for money! my God! it's just the way the things are. I'm stuck here in Romania and have to earn something working from home and be paid by PayPal) so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anticipated thanks and sorry for the apparently corny stuff.
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Posted: 06/29/2013, 06:09:55 AM
Sorry, I forgot. On my blog you can see a lot but not so many ...
If one of you would still like to take a quick look and give me an opinion on what to do, what could be used as stock illustration on Dreamstime it would be greatly appreciated...
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No country for old men, I suppose. Thank you for allowing me near you.
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Posted: 07/04/2013, 01:10:26 AM