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How Do You Get a White Background in your Images?

Take a generic object like a toaster; you photograph it and then you work on it. The finished image will have a white background with a hint of a shadow. I know you can erase the background something like Photoshop but then there is no shadow from the object.

I've been doing fine art and landscape photography so I don't know how to photograph an object and make it look like it's floating in white yet with just enough hint of a shadow to still look like it's resting on a surface.

Thanks for any help on this type of technique.
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Posted: 02/22/2009, 13:57:34 PM
Search the forums and blogs. There are tips and tutorials that have been posted.
Posted: 02/22/2009, 15:51:51 PM
If you have erased background, you can add shadow back.

You can check some of these threads: Message Boards search: isolations
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Posted: 02/22/2009, 16:19:56 PM
In photoshop you can select the "isolated" image and copy t as a new layes

Afther that you can choose "layer stiles" and "add a shadow"
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Posted: 02/22/2009, 16:22:44 PM
lol... A drop shadow is not a realistic nor appealing shadow.

If you want good shadows, shoot against a white background with lots of light, at different angles if you want full coverage and only subtle back shadow.

Of course, you want to use a seamless white background (in the case of a smaller object like a toaster you can use a curved sheet of large white posterboard or something).
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Posted: 02/22/2009, 16:42:56 PM
Thanks Stefaanh... I figured it would be simple. Sorry if this is Photoshop 101 but it's hard to do searches when you don't know what to search for.
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Posted: 02/22/2009, 16:55:52 PM
Thanks to Ned too.
Nikon D800, D100, Canon G15
Posted: 02/22/2009, 16:56:57 PM
No problem. And good luck with the isolated images! =D If you're looking at shooting common objects like the toaster you mentioned, I suggest reading up as much as you can on Macro photography as well - especially in the area of lighting.

P.S. Nice football pics in your port! ;) I especially like the one with the helmet, and the full-stadium photo.
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Edited: 02/22/2009, 19:59:26 PM
5 great background masking techniques in Photoshop


maybe this link will help ;)
Posted: 02/27/2009, 13:02:44 PM