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I need your opinion

I have created web sites by myself, with slideshow in java...

Please, look on and write me your ideas, your opinion and what you see is wrong...

Finished only english version... It is not completelly finished, but working .-)

thanks to all

my sistes
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Edited: 07/01/2009, 05:59:12 AM
I took a look at the web site, and I think it is pretty good. I wonder if you have any software that works on compressing the images more. Just a thought the load time on a high speed connection seems a little on the slow side. The organization of the images is great, and it is kind of nice that you provide the shot info on each image. I think with just a little tweaking the site will be perfect. Great work!

Have an awesome day,

Posted: 07/01/2009, 08:18:13 AM
Thank you, I am starting to looking up how to get smaller images without loosing quality. Thanks again
Canon 180 Macro 3,5L, Canon 17/40 4L, Octalite Elinchrom 190 cm, 150 ...
Posted: 07/01/2009, 08:35:07 AM
Since you asked...

On your home page you state, "about 30 years old man..." - is it important to state your age? If you are looking for photo jobs, that should not be a factor.

If you want a smoother english site it is important to find an experienced english-speaking translator to help you with your sentences which are somewhat "clunky."

You state that the photographer - you - enjoy "...waisting his time in animal world" - correct spelling is "wasting" but this does not sound like you are a serious photographer. It's good to have fun but this is a poor choice of words. Why state this as a "waste of time" if that is one of your passions? Perhaps say something like, "in his free time he exercises his love of nature by photographing animals in their natural habitats," or something like that.

On the microstock page it says, "you can visit stock sites by clicking on link above..." - the links are below. On the models page I don't understand your statement "experienced models not welcome" because you say you need models that "have to know how to staring some feelings and emotions..." (again, not a smooth sentence if you are trying to appeal to an english-speaking audience).

Since you are providing an english version of your site it is not clear where you are located if I only see the english version. If I ran across your site and wanted you to do some portrait work I would have to fly to the Czech Republic (which I would love to do, it looks beautiful there). Oh, and on my laptop, the page is too wide, I have to scroll sideways but that is probably a minor point.

Wonderful photos, by the way.
Posted: 07/01/2009, 09:16:41 AM
Thank you. I will work on better english...

I hope I can somehow fix the problem with wide (hope I will find some script for automatic change...

Thank Red again
Canon 180 Macro 3,5L, Canon 17/40 4L, Octalite Elinchrom 190 cm, 150 ...
Posted: 07/01/2009, 11:41:56 AM

A small thing that I noticed and i think you could work on, when clicking on the microstock button you have a list of links to microstock sites that list is not very obviouse so, i think, that if you use the logos of the sites form those links, it would have more impact and visibility :)
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Posted: 07/03/2009, 05:55:00 AM
Thanks for idea... I will try to find some icons ...

Canon 180 Macro 3,5L, Canon 17/40 4L, Octalite Elinchrom 190 cm, 150 ...
Posted: 07/05/2009, 04:02:40 AM