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New feature: Connect your Dreamstime and Facebook accounts!

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For the busy social person in you, we've designed a new application allowing you to connect Dreamstime with Facebook account and update your wall based on your latest Dreamstime activity (your most recent uploads or newest blog articles). It's not the next best thing after sliced bread, but it will surely help you promote your portfolio faster and easier. Your Facebook wall will be updated according to how often you access and use our site (F5 addicts will update their wall with a single click).

Everyone is invited:

Designed only for contributors? Certainly not. Our application allows all our users to invite their Facebook friends while earning 10% of each and all referees who join Dreamstime. Of course, all links sent are powered via our Referral Program. You don't have to worry about inserting codes or scrutinizing the website for various links, this new application will do it for you.

What you need to do? Log into your Dreamstime account and click the Facebook icon that appears on the Account Stats area (top-right corner). You can alternatively use the Management Area. Follow the "Connect with Facebook" button and that's it: invite all your friends to join Dreamstime!


Edited: 07/20/2009, 06:52:01 AM by Admin
Great idea! Will the thumbnails on Facebook have a watermark?
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 07:00:33 AM
Don't worry about that, the thumbnails are from Dreamstime so they are watermarked. Come join the fun.
Edited: 07/20/2009, 07:54:56 AM by Admin
Ok, I'm going to try it! Let's see how it works!
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 07:50:11 AM
Is there a way to set this to post to my facebook page?
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 07:56:01 AM
A great movement of Dreamstime :) I like this future. So i will be more active on Facebook.
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 08:00:03 AM

Originally posted by Azurelaroux:
Quoted Message: Is there a way to set this to post to my facebook page?

Can you please clarify what you are trying/want to do exactly?

Posted: 07/20/2009, 08:36:41 AM
Great! Just tried it out!
Posted: 07/20/2009, 08:42:15 AM
It lets you invite only 6 friends, can't we invite all?

Another thing, after sharing your newest uploads, there's a place in FB where it has "like", "comment", & "go to dreamstime.com", my question: is go to dreamstime.com a referal link or is it put by Facebook?
Posted: 07/20/2009, 08:42:33 AM
Hi! I think this is a great idea! In this way it's possible to show more images to friends!
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 08:48:07 AM
well...nice feauture but will it work?i didnt get how many friends can i invite?6 in a day?or only 6?
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 09:14:32 AM
... not for me... the last thing I need... but if others enjoy it, okay

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Posted: 07/20/2009, 10:00:59 AM
I will try it tonight, even if my portfolio is still very small :)
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 10:28:13 AM
Is it possible to link a "collection" to Facebook?

Love the feature. I've been expecting this since DT activated their Twitter Account. :-)

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Posted: 07/20/2009, 11:05:28 AM
Nice feature - I agree that it would be nice to be able to publish light boxes as well... :)
Posted: 07/20/2009, 11:48:04 AM
Just did it! see how many people will get it. :-)
Posted: 07/20/2009, 12:30:33 PM
I would but I don't do facebook or myspace.
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 12:40:07 PM

Originally posted by Torchdesigns:
Quoted Message: Just did it! see how many people will get it. :-)

Just did which, Torchdesign, connected your portfolio or connected a lightbox/collection?
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Posted: 07/20/2009, 12:46:46 PM
It was only a couple days ago I was wishing that there was a way for this to happen! Wishes do come true! Thanks DT!
Posted: 1 minute ago
...cool...I like it very much....thx DT...
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Posted: 1 minute ago
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