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Hi, Im fairly new to stock images, but am getting a new camera soon, most likely a Digital SLR over a compact, and was looking at Nikons and Canons and possible Sony

Just wondering if anybody new what the best camera was to start at, not to expensive and defo not top of the range but still fairly good to start off with?

Any feedback would be great =)
Edited: 10/17/2009, 09:59:19 AM
Im pretty new myself but i can tell you this much most the cameras nowadays will do the job its a a matter of personal preference. I personally use the Sony a700 and love it!!! Its easy to use and i can buy The older Minolta lenses for cheap and they work great! My mother i law is a canon fanatic she wont use anything but canon and swears by them. what I recommend is to look at reviews online and compare specs then go to a store and just trying them out see how the feel in your hands . i chose the sony cause it was the most comfortable for me me ;. anyway good luck !!
Posted: 10/17/2009, 09:50:03 AM
hey again :P

if i were you i'd look at the nikon d90 if your budgets over £500

otherwise go for a d60 or d5000 :)

hope i helped
Posted: 10/17/2009, 10:51:50 AM
Cheers =)
Edited: 10/17/2009, 11:51:18 AM
nikon d40 is my recommendation. light, cheap and the money you save can go in lenses.
Posted: 10/18/2009, 13:39:54 PM
The Sony cameras offer a lot of stuff for much less money than Cannon or Nikon. I have the A350 and am really happy with it.

That said, the entry level and mid range Sonys don't allow you to lock the mirror up (I don't know about the pricer ones, something to check) so you need to compensate for that in your photography (if necessary).

Something I will stress is don't buy cheap lenses. THe Sony Kit Lens is okay but... if you can afford a better one I'd say go for it now rather than in the future. It doesn't matter how good your camera is if the lens can't produce a good sharp image.

Hope this helps,

Posted: 10/19/2009, 08:41:09 AM
I recently upgraded from a D70 to a D90 and love it. Do a comparison to make sure you get the features you just can't live without. Some cameras focus in the lens and not in the camera. This will inhibit the use of some of your (Nikon/Canon/whatever) lenses. I mention this because I THINK not sure, the D40 is one of those cameras.

This feature mattered to me so perhaps it may you!

Good luck with your choice.

Two brown eyes and an open mind.
Posted: 10/19/2009, 08:54:09 AM
There are a lot of good entry level cameras at affordable prices.

As a personal opinion I would recommend you to buy a Canon camera, especially if you plan to shoot at high iso (not above 400 or maximum 800 iso for downsampled images). However, eos 50 should be avoided - although this is a camera meant for advanced amateurs.

Pentax also has some good cameras and lenses.

Posted: 10/19/2009, 10:52:57 AM
Moutwtrng has a good point

the d40 is still a fairly good body, however i would suggest the d40x then you can spend more dosh on the lenses to go with it as they are extremely expensive especially for a vr.
Posted: 10/19/2009, 12:50:29 PM
I use the Sony A700 with High quality lenses, Carl zeiss

I'M satisfy
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Posted: 11/01/2009, 19:07:30 PM
Canon 500D will do~
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Posted: 11/02/2009, 10:15:00 AM
I traded up from a Sony A350 to a Nikon D90 and in my opinion it's world's better. If for one reason only, the availability of accessories and lenses is huge when you look at Canon or Nikon. (Even with Sony being able to use old Minolta lenses) I was really leaning towards the D5000 too, but the D90 just has better specs and received a little better reviews.

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Posted: 11/10/2009, 16:15:11 PM
I have both the Sony a350 and I wanted a few more bells and whistles, so I bought a Canon 50d. I prefer the Canon, although I stil use both cameras. The Canon has a ten times zoom feature that I use when manually focusing, the Sony doesn't come close to that range. With the Canon you can see the focus moving as you fine tune the focal range. The Sony I hope for the best. As far as lenses go, a good prime lens is a must, for the Sony I have both the standard 50mm and a macro 50mm, for the Canon I use a 35mm prime. That said, I think you'll find almost any DSLR will give you great photographs once you get used to what it will do.
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Posted: 11/10/2009, 16:29:06 PM
depends what you are going to photograph...

I will suggest also Nikon D90

Fujifilm S5 Pro is a very good option too - and it is old model already, so it must be cheap, but could be out of stock also

you must think of a lense too - buying a trade mark is also buying a system...
Posted: 11/16/2009, 02:18:29 AM

Originally posted by Crisbowyer:
Quoted Message: Hi, Im fairly new to stock images, but am getting a new camera soon, most likely a Digital SLR over a compact, and was looking at Nikons and Canons and possible Sony

Just wondering if anybody new what the best camera was to start at, not to expensive and defo not top of the range but still fairly good to start off with?

Any feedback would be great =)

Hi, I purchased a Nikon D60 as an entry level DSLR a couple of weeks ago (twin lens kit and @ a very good price) and am delighted with it. I have had a Nikon compact for several years and have always been very happy with the images - hence the decision to stick with Nikon. However, I get that there are a lot of very good entry level DSLR'S out there similar to the Nikon D60 so would suggest that you go along to a camera store and ask if you can have a "play".

Posted: 11/17/2009, 16:00:41 PM
I've used Olympus for 35 years, bought a C5050 zoom when they first came out 7 years ago. D_SLR's were around 6grand back then, Now have a E30 which is a very nice camera. Does everything Nikons and Canons do, you can compaire the quality to a Nikon D90 or D300, (somewhere in between the two), no video mode, which I would never use anyway. Zukio lenses are outstanding.
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Posted: 11/22/2009, 12:48:50 PM
omg Robert... You've been using Olys since a couple years before I was born, lol.

I couldn't agree with you more about the Zuiko glass... Incredibly sharp and the colors of the Oly system are just amazing. Rich, natural, and accurate.
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Posted: 11/25/2009, 11:47:02 AM
The D500 is a phenomenal camera for the price, just as good as the more expensive 50D in terms of image quality. I would like the weathering aspects of the 50D or 5D but if your about image quality there is no let down and you save some serious cash. Its worth a gander.
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Posted: 01/11/2010, 15:48:35 PM
I'm planning on buying the Nikon d5000 - Its got almost the same features as the d90, but it's much cheaper... it'll be a good step up from my current d70s :)
Nikon D90
Posted: 01/14/2010, 05:43:25 AM
I think for a start, D60 or D5000 is good enough. It would be better to get some entry-level camera, get to know the functions and basics well before deciding for an upgrade :)

If you're planning to hold on to your camera for a few years, or if you already have relatively strong fundamentals, then I recommend a D90 or even a D300.
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Posted: 01/24/2010, 21:41:36 PM
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