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Nearly 3 months in, 4 sales and now found my first photo in use!

I was discussing the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai with my class today (im a teacher) and googled it to help me explain something.

I saw my picture on a news article and got all giddy and excited to the kids' bemusement........would have been nice to have my photo credited though so they would believe that it actually was MY picture.

That's cheered me up for the day now :oD


   Burj Khalifa   
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Edited: 03/09/2010, 01:35:02 AM

I can imagine your happiness! Congratulations, and nice picture!
Posted: 03/09/2010, 01:59:11 AM
Congrats Driley!

I've also made a few sales already!

My First Sale:

   Dubai Skyline and Marina   

I wish you lots of luck!

Best regards from Dubai,


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Posted: 03/09/2010, 05:16:10 AM
Hi Dean,

Congrats, you have a "nice" portfolio, just upload more images and "nice" will become "great"!
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Posted: 03/09/2010, 15:58:48 PM
Wow! Congrats! What a surprise for you! I'm still looking forward to find my pics)
Posted: 03/10/2010, 03:09:19 AM
Thanks Alexandre. It just seems that my workload has jumped up a gear in the last month and a half....desperate to increase my portfolio size, but need to find time at the minute. School holidays in a few weeks, so I hope to at least double the size over that week.
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Posted: 03/10/2010, 03:48:11 AM
Wow what a surprise! Keep up the amazing work.
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Posted: 03/13/2010, 14:59:49 PM
Fantastic!!! I found one of mine once and ws so chugged I emailed it to everyone heehee well dine it's a stunning photo
Posted: 03/15/2010, 14:39:43 PM