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Asked to share how I intend to use images

Redoing our company website and it is very hard to make our trade look "Pretty" or "Exciting." I'm taking a departure from our trade's attempt to reach consumers on web. So, downloading With the following rules in mind:

1. We do not sell trucks, so our vehichles used for service will be on the About Us Page Only

2. Pictures of installed equipment are only pretty and mean anything to the tech/company installing them or competition, avoid showing pictures that your average customer really does not understand what they are looking at and accept they do not appreciate why it is actually a good picture. They will have their own page

3. Promote yourself not a particular manufacturer, they don't pay you to advertise for them...in fact they actual charge for use of logos on trucks or signs, so stop the silliness. And besides, they aren't very good at marketing their own product afterall so why trust their images appeal.
Posted: 03/16/2010, 17:08:23 PM
I hope you will find great images on Dreamstime for your web site!

Good luck!
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Posted: 03/17/2010, 06:24:42 AM