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How we're using downloaded photo

My husband started a nonprofit recently called Adults Protecting Children, Inc. (training adults in child sexual abuse prevention). We're using a photo we found on Dreamstime for a fundraiser card that I prepared with digital scrapbooking software. We're so excited about using this method -- it's a powerful message in the card. Thanks for the variety of great photos. Was going to use Photoxpress, but their selection just isn't up to the quality of this site. Thanks, photographers!
Posted: 03/20/2010, 07:20:01 AM
Scrapperkare, you can also can what you need in the photos request forum, some photographers will go the field and produce it others will show what they already have.

Could you post the site of your nonprofit company? Its good to know that in some ways we might be helping prevent child abuse.
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Edited: 03/21/2010, 07:11:07 AM
I agree with Alexandre. As far as we can help, help.
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Posted: 03/21/2010, 08:33:30 AM