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Beware of phishing e-mails

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We strongly recommend you are particularly careful with messages that seem to come from Dreamstime and request your login details. Dreamstime does not send messages requesting such sensitive info.

Although we take extra safety measures, any online account can be targeted by phishing attacks at any time . Phishing mails are sent specifically to obtain login details and are sent so as to appear as if coming from legitimate sites/addresses. Keep in mind that we NEVER ask for your password by e-mail. Furthermore, we do not send zip attachments. Do not open such attachments and do not run any application/instruction file. Also, if you are provided links to the site, make sure you do not access them directly if the message looks suspicious. Our advice is to type the site address directly in the browser.

As the site gets more popular - we are currently featured in the top 700 worldwide - the number of such messages increases. There is very little we can do from our end but to inform and warn our members about potential attacks. No need to panic: this info was posted in the past and we intend to repeat such posts from time to time so that you are informed and protected.

Edited: 04/06/2010, 03:51:47 AM by Admin
Thanks Tangie, scary news, but I think we will be safe as long as we never give our login and password for any email.
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Posted: 04/06/2010, 06:25:17 AM
Thank you, Tangie :)
Posted: 04/06/2010, 12:56:55 PM
Thanks. Will watch out.
Posted: 04/06/2010, 14:20:20 PM
Very good to know Tangie. Thanks for the warning!
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Posted: 04/06/2010, 14:21:24 PM
Thanks for the heads up
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Posted: 04/06/2010, 17:43:49 PM
Thanks so much, Tangie :)
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Posted: 04/06/2010, 19:34:05 PM
Thank you for information Tangie :)
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Posted: 04/06/2010, 20:41:46 PM
Thanks for the heads up Carmen :)
Posted: 04/07/2010, 01:55:10 AM
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Posted: 04/07/2010, 09:40:38 AM
Great reminder! Thank you, Carmen. It has to be repeated, if we live in such a world like we do. We always know we have to lock the door if we leave the house, but if something exciting is happening and the last thing we are thinking about are keys, then it's good to have a friend who will remember all those elementary things.

And it's not only here on DT, you have to be careful everywhere.

PS: "top 700 worldwide" is an excellent number. My site has almost the same number in Estonia, LOL
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Edited: 04/07/2010, 13:20:36 PM
Thanks very much for the info!
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Posted: 04/07/2010, 16:43:49 PM
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Posted: 04/07/2010, 22:11:26 PM
Thanks for your advices and warning
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Posted: 04/08/2010, 12:11:23 PM
Thank you Tangie for the advice.
I use to work with first line Nikon equipment.
Posted: 04/08/2010, 14:31:31 PM
Thanks for the reminder!
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Posted: 04/08/2010, 19:30:54 PM
Hi Carmen,

This is a wonderful service you have provided and it should serve as a reminder

to everyone that we can never be too careful when using the world of the internet.

There are a lot of predators and fakes out there that seemingly come up with

so many ways in which to dupe people. That DT has chosen to remind us is help-

ful, useful, and responsible.....many thanks!

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Posted: 04/08/2010, 19:55:15 PM
Thanks, there is just about someone trying to scam you everyday now. I check my spam folder on my emails now occasionaly just for a laugh. Amazed at how many people from primarily Africa want to give me millions of dollars in unclaimed inheritance, from old bank accounts etc on a daily basis. All they need is my bank details and all my personal info lol. It's that big a thing now that tonnes of people must fall for it otherwise there would be no point in continuing to do these scams. Sad world we live in sometimes :-(
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Posted: 04/09/2010, 10:06:58 AM
Thank you so much for the alert. I would keep it in my mind.
Posted: 04/19/2010, 10:41:45 AM
Thank you very much for reminder Tangie. One thing came to my mind, that it may be also good to send such warning through some official Dreamstime email to every user. Because I do believe that only fragment of site users will actually read this message on forums.
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Posted: 04/25/2010, 06:04:55 AM
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