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Los Angeles and Las Vegas, USA

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I am travelling overseas for the very first time in October

to attend a wedding in America.

I will be in LA for two days only and in Las Vegas for three days.

One of these days I will be at the wedding, but would love suggestions

for things that are nearby that are photogenic.

I will of course be taking photos of the legendary Las Vegas strip for myself,

however, I cant help but feel there are a gazillion photos of this

area out there already and all of them 20 times better than anything I could shoot. :)

I wont have transport, and can tventure too far away from where I am staying

on the strip.

Suggestions? Hints? Tips?

Are these areas, or the USA in general, photographer - friendly?

I usually take wildlife photos, so this will be a big, exciting challenge!

Wildlife of the people variety :)

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Kristy :)
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Posted: 07/30/2010, 07:04:46 AM
Hello Kristy

Im in the USA Florida but visit Las Vegas 3 to 4 times a year. Architecture is the key word in Las Vegas and practice your night shots for the strip. I have hundreds of photos of Vegas but only one here at DT. May I ask where your staying in order to give you better landmarks?

Posted: 07/30/2010, 10:12:18 AM
Here's a site with at least 12 Photo opportunities in Vegas. Unless you can get outside the strip you won't find much nature . . other than your basic 'human nature'. :)

Photo Ops in Vegas

In addition here are some close nature trips in and around the area.

PhotoOp Day Trips near Vegas

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Here's a site where you can get information on available tours which will allow you to go out into the countryside nearby:

mm, Sigma 105 mm macro...
Posted: 07/30/2010, 14:14:32 PM
If you can go over to Madam Tussauds on the property of The Venetian Hotel and Casino, where I stay, for life size celebrity figures. Really amazing for editorial submissions.

   Lucille Ball   

Good Vegas Tips Squidoo
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Hi, Thanks for all your help eberyone!

I am staying at the planet hollywood towers on the strip :)
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Posted: 09/01/2010, 18:47:09 PM
Thank you everyone for the links and tips - I really appreciate it!!! :)

Hopefully I will be able to post some pics when I get back
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Posted: 09/01/2010, 18:47:57 PM
Good Location Paris Caesars Venetian Wynn Bellagio...all the greats! Architecture galore. Ask for a strip view and travel up the Eiffel Tower at Paris for one great view,,,good drinks too! Try to get to the Stratosphere where on top is a really scare the hell out of you ride and fantastic photo spot.

Good luck! TRy the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian when you get hungry.

Oh and try not to use flash in the casinos they dont like that. At one time they didnt let you take photos at all in the casinos.

Posted: 09/01/2010, 19:12:44 PM
Hello Kristy,

I too will be in vegas for 2 nights at the end of september as part of a west usa driving hol. Its interesting picking up on peoples advice as it applies for me too :). Looking forward to all the bright lights and colours and hopefully a few decent photo's. I am staying at the stratosphere as Jvecc1 mentioned so hopefully get some good ariel shots from there. Hope your trip goes well and the wedding too, and expect to see some nice shots from you,

cheers Ron
Posted: 09/06/2010, 17:49:50 PM
Ron on top of the Strat there are two rides. Of which I will never go on again. One suspends you away from the buliding and over the strip and rotates. I bet you can get some great shots. Be sure your cam is bolted to your arm! Strat is the highest point in Vegas BUT the Eiffel Tower gives you better photos of the Bellagio Light Fountains Caesars etc etc, In other words the elite. The City Center across for MGM is pretty new and I have not run into too many good photos of it,,,hint. Oh and practice your night shots with all those artificial lights..can be a bit tricky.

Good Luck....anything you want to know just ask.

Posted: 09/06/2010, 18:10:43 PM
so you can walk into any hotel and start taking photos?

Or are they all casinos too, or do they have observation areas or something?

Thanks so much!

Sorry for all the questions, I know most places where I live

you walk inside and start snaping and you'd be kicked out before

you knew what happened - and probably without your film/memory card :) x

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Posted: 09/11/2010, 06:42:16 AM
Also tips for shooting in artificial light/night?

I mostly shoot in day with natural light!

Don't know what I am doing wrong - test photos = hideous..

must not have shutter speed / iso correct...

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Posted: 09/11/2010, 06:44:23 AM
Hello Counted Im glad to help out.

Ok here we go. You are free to take any photo you like in any hotel, video also. Be a bit discrete inthe casinos not that you cant take photos there now but many big gamblers dont like it. Never use flash in the casino that they dont like. Brush up on higher ISOs for lowere light conditions. Pretty much all the hotels on the strip are Casino/Hotels. Dont set up a tripod in the casiono area whatever you do. Years ago you were not aloowed at all to9 take photos in the casinos.

Lighting at night on the strip is tricky in Vegas. Lights are a combination of alot of neon, flashing moving lights, Colored lights of every color various wattages etc. I still cant get it right. I suggest you post that question to the members. Another thing you should practice before you go is taking photos through window glass,possibly from your hotel room window. Most windows in vegas hotels do not open. Glare is a issues here.

Be sure you can adapt your battery charger to USA standards if it differs.

You are staying at Planet Hollywood, if you walk the strip just past the Venetian there is a Wallgreens store, dont know if you have them where you live, its a pharamcy, batteries, mem card, snacks you name it. YOU DONT want to buy these things in the hotel. NEVER TOUCH THe MINI BAR IN YOUR ROOM! Laff


Edited: 09/11/2010, 07:59:07 AM
Lots of good information so far:) Also, the gardens inside the Bellagio are usually great for photography.

Kristy, have you checked your white balance? Maybe that is affecting your images in artificial light?
Currently my primary cameras are a Fuji X-Pro2 and a Fuji X-T1.
Posted: 09/14/2010, 03:53:22 AM
For architecture, I found the old Downtown casinos of Las Vegas more conducive to photography. The hotels on the strip are so big, it's just hard to capture it unless you are shooting panoramic. It would be interesting to get some Los Angeles freeway shots at night, though I have no idea where the best place to capture that would be.

At any rate, those are both some areas that will present some good shots you don't see everyday back home. Have fun!
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Posted: 09/16/2010, 10:14:29 AM
I agree downtown is nice but there also...brush up on your night lighting skills! The over head light show can be a bit tricky.

   Fremont Street canopy by day, Las Vegas   
Posted: 09/16/2010, 10:21:50 AM
Hey did you all get back from your trips? We would like to know how it went and see some photos

Posted: 10/10/2010, 06:12:17 AM
Hi Jvecc1,

Just go back from usa west trip , My vegas stay (2 Nights) was one of the high points of my 24 nights in the west. i only got back mon pm, 18th oct so still groggy from my travels. I havent had chance yet to start sorting my pics, as i have over 2000 RAW files only, and need to start working on them ASAP !! will hopefully have a few on soon so watch this space......

Cheers Ron
Posted: 10/19/2010, 17:33:58 PM
Welcome back Ron, glad to hear you had a great time and a safe trip. Hope some of the tips were of help. Your gonna need another vacation after all that sorting! Looking foward to seeing those shots

Posted: 10/19/2010, 19:29:26 PM
Hi Guys!

Had a wonderful wonderful time in LA and Vegas!

With the wedding and all only ended up actually sight seeing for one day (eek!)

But did manage to fill 5 memory cards with pics!

Just got my first Vegas pic approved today...

 Planet Hollywood Towers Lobby - Las Vegas, USA 

Thanks so much with all the help everyone!

It helped me take much better photos,

not only of Vegas and its surrounds,

but also of my sister at her wedding,

(when I wasn't on bridesmaid duty!)

which was on the beach at Mandalay Bay, Vegas at night.

And that is what I am truly grateful for! :) xx

PS I took the above photo at 3am the night before the wedding,

I was on my way back with my sisters wedding dress

from her room in Planet Hollywood to mine at Planet Hollywood Towers!

point and snap)...
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