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Those clever engineers - phase detection AF in a compact

Props to Fuji for thinking up a way to do contrast detect AF right off the sensor:

Fujifilm does phase detection AF
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Posted: 08/11/2010, 10:00:31 AM
I thought about getting this camera though the sensor is very small. Maybe someone will have a review out soon.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
And right around the corner is the new Sony - with a semi translucent mirror to allow full time phase detect AF. Due to the sensor/SLR (SLT!) sizing it is of much more interest for stock photographers I would think...


Kind of reminds me of the old Canon film camera (Canon Pellix) with the half silvered mirror - it gave you a continuous viewfinder with no mirror flip, but at the expense of a third-stop of light.

I wonder if the Sony will have the same issue the Canon did - the mirror degrades over time and affects the image, rather than being smartly moved out of the light path during exposure.
f/2.8 Pro, ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 08/25/2010, 10:43:57 AM