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Canon or Nikon? Need advice

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Well, I've been Canonist since I began on digital photography (2004), I'm used to Canon characteristics and I'm happy, but I have never tryed a nikon. I'm thinking in buying a DSLR by next Christmas, and I would like to hear opinions about Nikonists and Canonists.

Now I use the Canon G9 but when I look at pics at 100% there are issues that I don't like: too many noise, lens chromatic aberrations, some pics aren't very nitid... even shoots took with tripod and high speed, they appear a bit blurred when I look at 100%. Since photostock is every year more competitive, with more images online, reviewers are more though now that 4 years ago in quality issues, I think it's time to get a new camera ;)

Everyone's opinion is welcome

Admins and moderators opinions will be VERY welcome since they know the market and requeriments ;)
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Posted: 08/30/2010, 07:28:37 AM

If you are stepping up from a compact pretty much any new DSLR will give you a significant increase in quality. You can't really go wrong choosing either Canon or Nikon, their cameras, range of lenses and accessories will cover pretty much any need. The best thing to do is to handle some of the models at a camera shop and see which feels most comfortable.

You should also consider your needs carefully, for example if you shoot sports then a fast frame rate will be on your shopping list, or if you like to travel a lot then weight/size may be more important.

Also put just as much thought into your lens choice(s) as you do into the body, as a poor lens will hobble your camera. If funds are tight consider a 50mm prime which will give much better results than any kit zoom (the f1.8 versions are sharp and very reasonable).

Hope that helps a little.

Posted: 1 minute ago
If you don't have lenses you are wide open in terms of going with either system. I don't think there is any reason to think one will make or break your photos so I totally agree with Chris that handling and feel is a very important initial decision. If you don't like the feel of the camera or the menu and button locations aren't intuitive it will take more out of your photos than any minor difference between the systems. You can argue points between them but in general each brand has its strengths.

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Posted: 1 minute ago
My first DSLR was an Canon Rebel XT which I loved. Many of my pictures here where done with that camera. After that I bought an Nikon D60 just to see how Nikon is. I was not happy with it even if I tried it with various lenses.

Now I'm using Nikon D300s (because of the lenses I bought for the D60) and I'm very satisfied with it. I highly recommend it.

As a conclusion I believe that Canon's low price DSLR's are better than Nikon, but in the middle range camera's I'm preferring Nikon.

And don't forget that the art lies within you. Does not matter which brand of camera you are shooting with. :)
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Posted: 08/31/2010, 01:47:38 AM
You cant really go wrong with either Canon or Nikon, I like Canon´s,

My first DSLR was a Rebel, than I upgraded to a 40D and now I am using a 50D.

I think the new rebel´s T2i are a very good starting point, the 60D I didnt quite get, I think the 7D would be the next step for me.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
My camera is a Nikon D700. A really great camera.

I have no experience with Canon, but I think the discussion whether Canon is better than Nikon or vice verse

is like a discussion which religion is better.

When you have good lenses of one brand - stay with it. Good lenses (especially good zoom lenses) are

often more expensive than the body itself.

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Posted: 1 minute ago
My first several cameras were Canon, including my first DSLR (40D) and I was very happy with them. I tried a Nikon D90 and have never gone back to Canon. Nikon is not "better", I just like the color and handling. In mid range and entry level cameras Canon will always give you more frame rate and pixels for the dollar, but I like Nikon color better. Rent several for a weekend at a time and see which feels better to you. Just remember that you take the photos, the camera is simply a tool to record your vision.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I think that both cameras are great. I am a Nikonian and i am realy happy with my cameras (Nikon D80 and Nikon D300s) as well as my lenses. I don;t want to try anything else since I also have a series of Nikon expensive lenses and flashes.

I your case since you don't have lenses you have the opportunity to try both brands and decide according to your tastes. You can not go wrong if you buy either Cannon or Nikkon.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I'll chime in...as a Nikon user, I'm very happy. The design, the usability on their products is very well though out. I used to sell cameras and Nikon and Canon both produce excellent products. You really can't go wrong with either choice but I would encourage you to buy new bodies. The technology is changing so quickly that buying outdated products just sets you behind from the start. Lenses hold their value for a long, long time but the difference between my old D70 and my new D7000 is night and day.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I'm using an older Canon 5D for my stock purposes and I have't felt the need to upgrade even tough I will probably do it when the MK III comes. If you are on a limited budget I would rather spend my money on some nice lenses then a new 7D or w/e.
Posted: 03/10/2011, 01:27:47 AM
I was on the fence a while ago too. It was between the Canon T2i or the Nikon D90. I must have spent an hour just holding them and checking them out side by side.

I finally chose the Nikon D90. Mostly because of the "feel". It was just better in my hands.

Either would have been great cameras though, with the right glass in front of them.
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Posted: 03/10/2011, 09:42:02 AM
Either brand would be great. I have had several Canons and one Nikon and both have their positive points. You will really like having a DSLR, either way.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Definitely Nikon!
Posted: 03/14/2011, 05:37:05 AM
Course Canon! ;)
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Posted: 03/14/2011, 06:59:36 AM
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Posted: 03/16/2011, 08:09:57 AM
Just a thought, with the G9 small sensor any apperture smaller than 2.8 will show difraction at 12 mpixels, so you might be stopping it down too much when using a tripod
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Nikon offcourse !
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Posted: 03/18/2011, 02:54:00 AM
All said and done Nikon stands out.

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Posted: 03/18/2011, 03:53:46 AM
Ohhhhh...NIKON......for me was the feel....the build...it felt like a piece of machinery that was well built, durable! Worth the Money@

I have some friends with Canon' and they do not feel as well built as Nikon.....BUT......you still can not go wrong......photos are still great with either or.
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Posted: 04/05/2011, 08:24:15 AM
You won't go wrong with either Canon or Nikon.They're both the best.I've been shooting with Nikon for 20 years and wouldn't change at this point Remember, buy great glass!Good luck!
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Posted: 04/15/2011, 08:45:50 AM
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