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Feedback on my Portfolio


Can you guys have a look at my portfolio and give your feedback on my Illustrations. Joined 3 months back in dreamstime as an exclusive member but the sales are still poor.
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Posted: 03/12/2011, 03:34:20 AM
Hi, I am not expert on vector illustrations, I only can tel;l you that I like much your pics. ALso subjects seem to be quite stock-oriented. I think you should just continue to upload. I am quite sure that sales will not make you to wait too long... :-)

Best of luck to you!!!

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Posted: 03/12/2011, 05:51:18 AM
Sadaasri, I think that your illustrations are good, but they seem to be focussed on some very specific ideas. For example I am not sure that you will find a large audience for people looking for cats on a park bench, or a highway with vanishing point and a clock in the sky. If you look at my portfolio you will find several illustrations that are more general. I try to create basic elements (shilouettes and patterns) that buyers can incorporate into their own ideas. Your illustrations are complete ideas with several different elements already incorporated.

I will compare two of your files. The first is the illustrations of high-heeled shoes, and the second is the fitting room with a shelf, floral pattern on the wall and they same high-heeled shoes. I am guessing that the basic file of just the high-heeled shoes is more appealing because users can incorporate this illustration into their own ideas. The fitting room image incorporates too many aspects and may confuse the user for what they can use that images for.

Does that make sense?
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Posted: 03/16/2011, 08:37:35 AM
Thanks all for your comments
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Posted: 03/19/2011, 08:52:10 AM
Hi Sadaasri, I just happen to run across your discussion, so I looked at your illustrations...Very good. I think you are improving a lot with your newer downloads. You should have no problems getting sales.

I was just reading another thread, and it stated, that we need to have at least 2,000 files to have a good selection..So keep on uploading...Good Luck!
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Posted: 08/23/2011, 13:30:38 PM
Hi, I agree with Debspoons, you should keep uploading files, as you have a few now, but I'm sure that this will change quickly. One of the most important things is to keep a continuous work and upload. If you do that you will see that downloads will rise. Good luck!
Posted: 08/24/2011, 14:48:02 PM