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Pig Illustration Wanted

I'm looking for a graphic of a pig in a cowboy hat in a bandana as a potential logo for a new BBQ restaurant. Needs to be fairly simple, with as few colors as possible. The client would like the pig to be leaning over a board which will be used for the name. I'm on a very limited time constraint so please be quick.
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Posted: 05/06/2011, 08:28:05 AM
Image hasn't been approved yet, I asked for a priority review but it's the weekend, may have to wait until Monday.

I hope it's what you're looking for.

 Lavender on the rocks 
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Posted: 05/06/2011, 21:23:53 PM

I don't want to ruin your party, but just in case consider consulting with Dreamstime if it's okay to use a RF image as a logo. There are some restrictions in using RF images: Terms and conditions

Nice pic, Wisconsinart!
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Posted: 05/07/2011, 13:40:33 PM
I believe it's covered under

Sell the Rights (SR-EL):

This license represents a full ownership of the downloaded image. The buyer can use it exclusively (exclusivity applies from the moment that the file was downloaded using this license), and include it in any type of design with just a few restrictions: sensitive subjects may still apply and the buyer may not claim that the file was created by him nor resell it as a photo.

The agency will disable the image immediately after the buyer acquired this license. The photographer is required to disable the file permanently from all other places where he may sell it, as soon as possible after the sale occured, but no longer than 72 hours. The photographer acknowledge and agrees to provide the buyer with full ownership for the file retrieved using the SR-EL license.
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Posted: 05/07/2011, 17:06:16 PM

Originally posted by Wisconsinart:
Quoted Message: Image hasn`t been approved yet, I asked for a priority review but it`s the weekend, may have to wait until Monday.I hope it`s what you`re looking for. Lavender on the rocks 

This is cute, but we are trying to avoid the regular smile/grin. They want something a little cleaner that will be able to stand for 10-20 years. Maybe a little less cartoonish?
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Posted: 05/07/2011, 17:08:14 PM
I can change the smile but would you use the image if I did?

There isn't much I can do for changing my overall drawing style. It's like handwriting, you do it one way and only one way.
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Posted: 05/07/2011, 18:25:36 PM
I don't think it will fit in with what they are looking for. They are looking for more realistic but not photograph.
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Posted: 05/07/2011, 21:45:28 PM
my experiences doing something specific have not been very positive but the concept may have value so willing to do a render on this.
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Posted: 05/09/2011, 11:22:13 AM
I draw one fore You. I asked for a priority review. EPS file also will be available.

   Pig with cowboy hat   
Edited: 05/09/2011, 13:08:23 PM
Hello, may I suggest:

   Pig board      pig board   
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Posted: 05/10/2011, 05:49:16 AM
   Lavender on the rocks   

I haven't requested priority review as I have doubts about suitability but happy to do so if needed
Vue 7, Daz 3, Wings 3D and the odd photo.
Edited: 05/10/2011, 11:01:16 AM
I designed something simple

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
Posted: 05/12/2011, 06:53:58 AM
   Pig in cowboy hat holding a board   

just adding link to approved image
Vue 7, Daz 3, Wings 3D and the odd photo.
Posted: 05/12/2011, 07:28:50 AM
Hi! I can create an image like this tomorrow, but you could tell me what time remains to you to present this job!

Thank you for this important info!

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Posted: 05/15/2011, 17:17:41 PM
   Happy cute pig dancing on branches of sakura.   

P.S. Ooops. Sorry, seems it's not what you wanted.
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Edited: 05/20/2011, 05:14:37 AM
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

pig in hat

Look at this link, perhaps it is what you wanted.
Edited: 06/03/2011, 09:06:56 AM