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Nikon D5000 lens suggestion

Hello Nikon men, I would like to ask you, what zoom would you suggest for D5000 as a "walk around" starting 18mm focus length. I need a sharp one for landscapes and macros. Now using the basic set Nikkor VR 18-105mm which is not always impressive. Thank you for your tips!
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Edited: 05/13/2011, 08:07:12 AM
I would suggest the 16-85 VR in your case. Nice range, not too heavy, and you can come close enough to your subject if wanted(0.38 m) and then the VR comes in handy, too. The only thing it lacks is the fast aperature, wich made me decide for the 17-55 instead, a few years back. But if you do not plan to photograph many fast moving objects, you probably won't run into problems with the aperature.

Good luck with your choice!
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Posted: 05/13/2011, 07:52:29 AM
I'm considering the 16-85 or the 18-105. Is there something in particular you don't like about the 18-105 image quality? I'd like the extra range of the 105 over the 85, but, if there's a noticeable photographic quality difference, that would be the deciding factor. I'm not too concerned with build quality, but image quality is important.
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Posted: 09/16/2011, 22:57:26 PM
I suggest "Nikkon 16-85 VR" ,

That nice normal zoom lens and focal lenght cover little wide, normal and little tele.

Easy to create perspective and zoom effect.

The "VR" feature can help you haddy shoot.

The "IF" feature can protect inner lens from dust.

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Posted: 10/25/2011, 04:30:05 AM
Well, I bought and tried both lenses, then returned them both. I liked both, but it seemed that my 18-55 and 55-200 produced better results. I'm not saying any of the lenses are better or worse, just that I'm comfortable with the lenses I currently own and didn't see any improvement in picture quality with the new lenses. The distortion in the 18-105 was a problem for me and the 16-85 didn't seem to focus all that well. At least, the pictures didn't seem any sharper than what I was currently getting with my smaller/cheaper lenses.

When everything worked perfectly, all of the lenses worked fine, so why change? (I'm not concerned at all about build quality, but, if you are, the 16-85 is the best of the lot). I'm sure there are a lot of technical reasons and tests that would show me what I was doing wrong, but I'm mainly interested in taking pictures. If new equipment doesn't produce a big increase in quality, fast, I'll stick with what I have and save some money.

My comments reflect my experience with a D5000, which is a fairly light-weight and small body. I didn't like the feel of either the 16-85 or 18-105 on the D5000. These lenses are too big and too heavy. On a D5000, I'll stick with the 18-55 and 55-200. I also purchased and used all lenses on a D7000. I still didn't notice an improvement in image quality, but the fit and feel of any of these lenses was much better.
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Posted: 10/25/2011, 09:50:23 AM
I have a Sigma 24-135 2.8-4.6 that I LOVE a a walk around.

Sharp, especially at 60-80mm (great for portraits) Great DOF

Only complaione is lens creep. When hanging down, lens tends to open all the way. ( This is on ALL of them)

Fairly inexpensive. You can find them on E-Bay for less than 200.00
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Posted: 11/17/2011, 10:28:48 AM
Bought the 55-300 4.5-5.6 VR a couple weeks ago but really not had chance yet to see how it will do out in the field.

Happy Shooting !
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Posted: 11/17/2011, 11:14:08 AM
Only problem I see is that this lens is WAY too slow for inddor shooting, even with flash.
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Posted: 11/18/2011, 13:17:51 PM
Has anyone tried the Sigma 17-70? It's a focal length I'd find useful, but I'd only be interested if the lens quality (sharpness, chromatic aberration, focus speed/accuracy) was better than the kit 18-55.

Michaelee, I've wondered about the 55-300 also. I have the 55-200 and I'm happy with it, but it would be nice to have the 300 mm focal length. I'm also looking at the 70-300.
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Posted: 11/26/2011, 11:39:05 AM