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Canon 550D

Hi all!

I'm thinking in this model for my next camera, so I would be very glad in hearing opinions ;)

Thank you very much!
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Posted: 06/19/2011, 02:29:06 AM
I think you're better off with the 600D since it's technologically better.
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Posted: 06/19/2011, 03:19:44 AM
Technologically better how?

The ONLY advantage 600D has over 550D is the swivel screen.

550D is cheaper and lighter.
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Posted: 06/19/2011, 04:21:55 AM
Oh, how I miss a swivel screen. Otherwise it's a really great camera.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I like it too, great camera, if you have good lenses this camera will do all the tricks in the book for you.
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Posted: 06/20/2011, 03:05:52 AM
Thank you all! I don't care about swivel screen, so if that is the only difference... I will choose the more economic model (550 or 600)
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Posted: 06/20/2011, 06:40:06 AM
It's not the only difference, but they say that it's the only advantage. :(

550D has lots of advantages over 600D, like:

3.7x less delay when turning on - about 1000 ms

Body around 30% smaller

Viewfinder a little bit larger

Less shutter lag - about 30ms less delay when taking photos

About 0,7" thinner

Slightly better image quality

Around 40g lighter


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Posted: 06/27/2011, 12:54:06 PM
Great camera, no complaints besides it being a bit "toyish" (has a plastic feel to it), but its the inside that counts. Only thing I miss about my 30D is the fps speed and 1/8000 shutter speed. 7D .... *want* :-D
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Posted: 1 minute ago