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Camera Backpack/Bag Recommendations

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a good camera backpack or urban camera bag.

I walk 4 miles daily round trip to the office for my day job and currently use a daypack to carry my lunch, some office files, and maybe a rain jacket for storms that might pop up later in the day.

I've used a LowPro AW Trecker and similar bags, but I don't like the idea of carrying your lunch (and water) over the top of your photo gear - if the water leaks, or if you have pickles that may leak pickle juice, or if you have soup that may leak, it gets all over your camera gear.

Anyone have any suggestions for an urban type bag that isn't obvious as a camera backpack or bag that has room for items other than just camera equipment where you can put the items someplace other than over the top of your gear?

Posted: 06/22/2011, 09:21:18 AM
Hi there,

I think Kata do some great backpacks - I have two sizes DR-467i and DR-465i. The larger one fits a laptop and 2 dslrs and lenses with extra space for everyday stuff.

The best part about the bags is that you can buy a strap that allows you to hang your camera from the backpack straps rather than around your neck. I get a lot of jealous looks from other photographers as you don't feel the weight of the camera at all. It also has a rain jacket. You can stick to the black backpacks or get one in pink or yellow!
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Posted: 06/22/2011, 09:55:19 AM

I was was going to suggest the lowpro sling shot. However this probably wouldn't suit you as the storage space is above the camera gear. That being said I have one and use it on all my days out and keep my lunch and drinks in it and never had an accident with them (although it did concern me to start with). There's enough space in it for my camera with 55mm lens on, my 300mm prime, sb-900 and there's still space for another lens around the 200mm mark. It only has the one strap that you wear diagonally across your chest, which is quite comfy, this allows you swing the bag around to the front to access your gear with out having to take the bag off or worry about putting it down on wet surface. All in all it's a good bag and it's served me well and kept all my gear safe.

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Posted: 06/24/2011, 05:01:40 AM
Thanks for the ideas. Cleaper - I took a look at the Kata bags and I'm very impressed but I think they're a bit heavy. The bag my local camera store had would be perfect for a day pack trip but at 6.5lbs, I thought it would be a bit much for going back and forth to work everyday.

Neil270 - I've looked through the LowePro Slingshots and actually borrowed one from a friend. I don't like them because of the same reasons I mentioned above - there's no place to put your lunch unless you can stuff it into the top compartment.

I ended up spending more money than I wanted, but I think I found a terrific compromise. I bought a Domke Large Courier Bag. It has two inserts so you can carry a body with a long lens (connected) and a second body with a wide angle lens connected (perfect for being out and about). For work, I can remove one of the compartments, take just one camera, and put my lunch in the bag. There's a pocket for a laptop and for documents. I got the "rugged" version which is waterproof as well. Best of all, it looks like a bike courier bag as opposed to a camera bag.

I think I'm going to like it!
Posted: 06/25/2011, 20:07:45 PM

I have a Lowepro Flipside bag for my photo material. It is very usefull as with the flipside concept you can't enter it when you are wearing it. So very usefull against thieves
Posted: 06/28/2011, 09:49:06 AM
Well, after walking with the Domke Courier bag, I found it was extremely uncomfortable. I took it back to the camera store this afternoon. I exchanged it for a new model Lowepro called the Photo Sport 200AW. There's room for one body, a lens, and flash - possibly a second lens if you push it. It has an area for a hydration bladder, your lunch, and a jacket. Looks like a reasonable bag. I'm anxious to try it tomorrow morning.
Posted: 06/30/2011, 19:18:33 PM