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Lythro - What do you think?

There is a new camera called "Lytro plenoptic camera". It's focus-free, because you focus the picture after you take the shot, right on your computer screen!

I don't know if it is real or not, cause there is no visible camera body, yet. Let's suppose it is real, what do you think about that?
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Edited: 08/02/2011, 08:44:27 AM
Suppose is real.... will be very good family camera. for business the technology must be much more improved.
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Posted: 08/02/2011, 09:53:16 AM
interesting thread, spent a little time looking it up and theres not alot of info yet as you mention, have to wait and see, but imho, i hated digital and everything about it and photoshop,ect, 4 years ago and now i cant do without it, but in the same respect sometimes too much is just too much. They're eventually gonna take all the challenge and fun out of photography. :/
Posted: 08/02/2011, 18:31:02 PM