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Advice on Camera Bags Sought

There is so much written about Camera Bags that I am struggling to think of which way to go.

I am after a camera bag that allows me to carry my accessories plus have room for a laptop, cards and cables and that will get counted as 'hand luggage' for the purposes of flying. I would also like it to have a tripod holder that works (seems from reviews that the Kata ones are a bit of an after thought).

Any thoughts would be very welcome?

Also, any advice on the straps that allow you to not have to hang cameras from your neck would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Posted: 08/06/2011, 08:55:08 AM
Hi Mark - after several trips abroad I've found the best option (for me) is to use a small wheeled suitcase (with extending handle) that is classed as hand luggage. This will hold your laptop (in a neoprene skin type case), cables/leads/power supply for laptop and camera, a normal mid sized camera bag with camera and lenses (place this at what will be the bottom of the suitcase when it is upright). It should be a nice snug fit to prevent movement. There will be space left to pack a book or whatever.

The benefit is you're not having to carry it all on your shoulder/back and you have a storage place for everything when you're away. You also get to carry on another handbag/man bag.

The only disadvantage is when you also pack your clothes etc into a wheeled suitcase as you end up with a case in each hand - at times a little tricky.

What I haven't yet discovered is the multi-bag which would be three bags in one: a medium sized bag for camera, spare lens, cards - a small padded waterproof bag just for the camera - and a handlebar bag that fits to my bike!
Posted: 08/06/2011, 14:45:30 PM
Thanks. I hadn't thought about a trolley bag. I might have to have a look at them.
Posted: 08/06/2011, 15:30:14 PM
I just got in the Think Tank Airport Security v2.0 Carry On Roller. This fits all that you are looking for. Laptop, camera, lens up to 400mm, large tripod, and more. It fits all my gear and I still have room. I haven't travel with it yet. But will soon to Spain this October.

I wanted a bag dedicated to all my camera gear and carry it on the airplane. If the airline will not let me carry on a second bag, I'll check in the other bag that contains everything non-camera equipment. I want to make sure my camera gear is by my side in my care.

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Posted: 08/07/2011, 02:53:19 AM
Hi. I use a Kata backpack and I L_O_V_E it. I am tiny (about 5 feet and 100 pounds) so finding a bag for gear that doesn't overpower me is hard : ) Also from a female perspective it's actually fashionable (if I can say that about camera bags).

I can fit 2 camera bodies in mine, a laptop, a 70-200, plus a few extra lenses and still have a little extra room to fit my snacks in.

The way I travel doesn't allow a small suitcase and these bags wear incredibly well...I have put mine through a lot.

Check Lowepro as well.

Good luck!

Posted: 08/07/2011, 18:16:33 PM
As an interim I have bought a Lowepro 400AW that allows me to carry my D90 and D7000, both with lens fitted plus all of my accessories. It will be useless as a carry on but as it stood I needed something as I could carry on using a basic day pack.

I will have a look at the Think Tank one - thanks Johnnydao.

I did look at the Kata options for my interim solution Angelaostafichuk but opted to go with the less fashionable Lowepro! LOL
Posted: 08/11/2011, 15:18:36 PM
I have a clik elite medium nature backpack that I find great for travelling as it has both a normal compartment and a photo section with removalable insert. oh and a hydration system as well! I got my from B&H the couple hundred dollar price tag made me think twice on purchase but I've had it two years now and love it! and a built in rain cover! It comes in a few cm's shy of most airlines hand luggage policy

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Posted: 12/10/2011, 16:48:45 PM

Originally posted by Mark6138:
Quoted Message: Also, any advice on the straps that allow you to not have to hang cameras from your neck would also be welcome.

sun sniper

I got this strap a while ago, and it really works, even in crowded places/ public transportation, etc. I have no trouble to carry my weighty D300+70-200 all day with this strap. Only small downside is that it takes some more space when tucked in my backpack than the common neck-strap.
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Edited: 12/11/2011, 04:23:13 AM by Admin
I have Kata 3n1-30. It can be used as a sling bag for convenience or as a backpack for more comfort for longer trip. The camera compartment can fit my 70-200 mounted on 7D with hood reversed or 24-70 mounted and hood attached, plus a few other flashes and lenses. The top compartment can fit my 10" tablet, plus a compact camcorder, a bottle of water and other accessories like chargers. I have a separate carrying bag for my tripod/monopod so I don't use the optional tripod holder for the bag. The 3n1-33 model has a storage area for a laptop as well.

Black Rapids also makes sling style straps and I'm currently using the RS-Sport model. It's more comfortable to have the weight on my shoulder than my neck and makes lugging around my gears all day long a lot less tiring.
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Edited: 12/11/2011, 10:14:33 AM
I custom made a wheeled suitcase for mine.

26" rolling suitecase and I purchased the Pop-apart foam fomr Sweetwater audio to fill the case.

I made areas for 2 bodies, 2 lenses a plastic pencil box for batteries adn a card holder. The case I used has a zip up from that when loosened will make it 2: deeper and can accomodate a laptop.

Total cost about 70.00
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Posted: 12/13/2011, 08:45:06 AM