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3D Anaglyph Photography...

This is a 3D anaglyph image.It was rejected.Anyways we all know why.Abundance.But I am not making this thread to question he rejection but to know from you all what you feel about this image...Please share what you have got to say about this image..

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Posted: 08/12/2011, 11:55:31 AM
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
Posted: 08/12/2011, 11:57:51 AM
I don't know why my file isn't showing up.My File ID is 20685962.This is my first post.
Posted: 08/12/2011, 11:58:52 AM
You cannot discuss about rejections on the Message Boards, and also you cannot display rejected files. If you have questions about refusals, please email them to our support.

Please read the rules before starting a new thread.

This thread will be locked.
Posted: 08/13/2011, 01:50:16 AM