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Removing Noise

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I've seen suggestions for Noise Ninja and another one but the subscript is 70$. Anyone have a good suggestion for an alternative?

And anyone have good results using lightroom to remove Chromatic abberation or is the best way just to go to photoshop?
Posted: 08/16/2011, 00:08:17 AM
I use sometimes GIMP's plugin "selective Gaussian blur" with the radius set between 2 and 4... this wont touch the sharp edges and produces nice results on images with not too spotty grain, i.e. upto iso800 by the modern standards. Yet, you'd better start with RAW, where grain is always pixelwise. Also, for best results one doesn't apply noise reduction to the entire image, but rather to its shaded parts only :)
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Posted: 08/16/2011, 05:56:45 AM
i use Adobe Camera Raw, if there is still some noise, I edit with the reduce noise only on a layer with a mask selecting the noisy parts of the image.
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Posted: 08/16/2011, 06:05:45 AM
I've been using Neat Image Pro and lately switched to topaz Denoise 5. Both are doing fine for me.
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Edited: 08/16/2011, 07:51:19 AM

sorry for intervening with my question but it's related... :) I wonder how often other photographers use noise reduction for photos taken at ISO 200, in particular those with sky and clouds where I most often see unwanted noise if I do not overexpose to some extent.
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Posted: 08/16/2011, 18:29:12 PM
Andromantic, I fund out that in Phtotoshop using a bit more mask with adobe camera raw a Small amount of sharpening is enough for my Canon 50d and now for my canon5d as well. The mask ensures that the sky doesn't show some artifacts.
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Posted: 08/16/2011, 23:12:48 PM
Afagundes, many thanks for your reply!... could you please elaborate on it in more detail, because I am trying to figure out what I should do in GIMP, which should work as well... at least, I could try your suggestion first on some windows computer, but I don't have Adobe Camera raw, instead just Nikon's software, and a plugin to read NEF/RAW files in GIMP.
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Edited: 08/17/2011, 03:23:45 AM
LR3 and CS5 have great built in noise reduction. (they also have free 30 day trials). I also used PSP for a long time and their digital noise reduction is pretty good... I actually used it as a skin smoother for a while lol. It keeps the sharpness but smooths the little imperfections.
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Posted: 08/17/2011, 05:36:53 AM
Darktable 9 - very helpful. Especially with the raw files. It's only in ubuntu system or linux. Gimp is also very helpful, that is possible with ubuntu and windows.
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Posted: 08/17/2011, 13:30:54 PM
I am using "Noiseware Professional" for all purpose and "Portraiture" for portrait/skin with PhotoShop
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Edited: 08/17/2011, 16:53:15 PM
I use LR most of the time. Sometimes I take the image to PS for some selective noise reduction (sky for example)

I've done some tests in the past with multiple noise reduction software and Topaz DeNoise came out best, slightly sharper result then the rest.

But this is all very minimal so if the camera is good I suggest to stick with LR.

As for CA, LR does have it's limit and that's probably why you ask. I use PS when that occurs:

- Duplicate layer

- Add gaussian blur (ex 15px)

- Change blending mode to Color

- Add inverted mask (ALT+click mask icon to get black mask)

- Paint with soft white brush over CA areas (be precise at times since it desaturates)

Hope that helps lad ;)

Edited: 08/31/2011, 04:34:03 AM
I was using Topaz DeNoise as a plugin for Photoshop Elements. More recently I bought LightRoom 3 and have been using the noise controls within.
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Posted: 09/09/2011, 13:18:20 PM
I am using "Noiseware Professional" for all
Posted: 09/11/2011, 14:46:23 PM
I read a post on this before somewhere on DT that a respected photographer called Ken had comment on, he gave instruction on removing noise with photoshop and it works really really well! He posted this "Why bother using third party software, which will seriously degrade your images,when all you need is built into photoshop?

Here's how to do it if you have from CS upwards:

Noise (Chroma-colour noise)

- Image> Mode> LAB Colour> Channels

Channel “a” Gaussian blur 5 pixels

Channel “b” Gaussian blur 5 pixels

Channel “lightness” Filter> noise> despeckle

Image> Mode> RGB colour

Noise (Luma -Grainy noise)

-lasso area and apply smart blur at default setting (For small areas)

-Or Ctrl+J

-Smart blur-Then eraser tool to expose background features

If you have earlier versions of photoshop/elements, you can use the blur tool from the toolbox area(Usually between 5% and 20%)

Regards, Ken"

Hope this helps you.

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Posted: 09/22/2011, 10:15:44 AM
I'm using darktable (linux application)
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Posted: 09/28/2011, 04:47:52 AM
Hi 7horses, Thanks for mentioning darktable. I was having problem with other applications in linux, opening raw images. Darktable seems to be good. Just experimenting with that software.
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Posted: 09/27/2012, 04:05:43 AM
Lightroom 4
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Posted: 09/27/2012, 10:33:40 AM
I use Lightroom 3 and CS5, masking where needed.
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 05:43:12 AM
CS5 and Nik Define 2.0...shameful to say that I have to date not really used LR yet :-0

Also use ACR and might use the built in reduction in CS 5 if needs be.
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Posted: 10/21/2012, 14:54:00 PM
So many choices!
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Posted: 10/22/2012, 17:39:00 PM
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