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I have only been here this year, not very active I have to say:) After observing a few months of my sales, I noticed that my JPEG version of illustration sold more than the additional format (eps.) (although my sales not so many), even with set of faces, buyer do buy them in JPEG format. So my question is, the illusration in DT do generate sale often in JPEG format as well as the additional format? if we just upload the illustration in the JPEG version, will it hurt our sales in long run? At other sites that I upload illustration, mostly sales are on the additional format (eps), but in DT, I found that that is not the case. Do designers buying here prefer JPEG more than EPS?
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JPGS are cheaper than EPS's to buy here unless it's a subscription sale. That is probably why more JPGS are bought here at DT.

But it is good to offer EPS or illustrator file as additional file as they sell also but not as fast

This file if have sold more additional versions than jpgs but they are mostly sub sales so the revenue is quite low.

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I thought if the JPEG format sell better here, I may just concentrate to produce illustration in JPEG format only so that some special functions that are not allow in eps format can be used.
Posted: 09/03/2011, 11:57:59 AM
Hum, I dont know about illustrations, but certainly photographs sell more as jpgs than other formats, basically because they are cheaper and dont need post processing.

But that doesnt mean you shouldnt offer the other format since it can earn you much more in a single sale.
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Posted: 09/05/2011, 21:43:45 PM

I personally use to save my file in .jpg because of techniques. Eps maybe more useful to use in many dimensions but in a vector format effects are limited for designer like me. I do not start my work from a vector program.

Especially for who uses to hand-draw and paint his illustration directly with his mouse or pen tablet. For instance if I draw in Flah, then export in Photoshop to finish my art-work to paint it, then I could not save in eps with the same effect because it is like to generate another art-work different from the original.

Sometime when a buyer asks for an additional format I am afraid to disappoint him with additional format because it will be a bit different to the original.

Looking Forward to Know what you think! Sorry for my mistakes in english!!!
Posted: 11/15/2011, 02:44:13 AM
My entire portfolio is vector based artwork. These files are general patterns and figures. I save these files as jpegs and EPS for download. I am surprised by how many EPS files I sell (almost 50%). These can give my earnings a big jump.

I think users will download jpeg versions if they don't need a big file or need to change any colors. EPS downloads are likely to be users that are scaling up to larger formats or want to use my artwork as an element and will alter and change color.
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Posted: 01/25/2012, 08:34:22 AM
My style of illustration would be a challenge in Illustrator so they're all jpegs. I'm working on creating some new files in a new style for vector output. I've had the same 70 jpeg images for about 4 years - time to get busy!
Posted: 03/14/2012, 23:00:48 PM