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Photos Rejection

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Hi all, I guess everyone will encounter photo rejections on DT.

Some has a lot and some not so. Irregardless.

But till today, I am having doubts of our reviewers?

Why I said that, I have got about 20images just got rejected but was accepted at 4 other RF microsites and selling well.

Well, well, life goes on........
Posted: 02/10/2006, 08:49:23 AM
Rejections are frustrating. I just had some rejected, too. I don't think it's the reviewers as much as the e-mails they send out. They have generic e-mails that do not really reflect all the reasons an image is rejected. I had some rejected for exposure, but then saw some that had similar lighting accepted. It made me wonder why mine were rejected. I know the reviewers do not have time to send a personal e-mail on all rejections, but it might answer our questions. I just forget about the rejections and go on. And, like you, many of my rejections on DT are accepted elsewhere.
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Posted: 02/10/2006, 09:57:52 AM
I found that DT has most strict rejection policy among microsites. But they have right to choose what they want to keep on their site and what to reject.
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Posted: 02/10/2006, 10:49:07 AM
Ditto for me...everything you guys said! Just had a whole string rejected that were accepted elsewhere and I submit to 12 different sites. Mine too were rejected because of the lighting. Also some that were overfiltered??? That one really perplexes me cause they were shot and processed in raw. I have also had a string of images rejected for being out of focus, and accepted everywhere else. That's when I laugh and think okay somebody needed to take a break, rub there eyes, maybe go to the kitchen and grab a soda, and then come back to work! :) It happens to me too, when I've been staring at the screen too long! :) Shrug it off and keep uploading, what else can you do? :)
Posted: 02/10/2006, 11:19:36 AM
It also very much depends on the reason for rejection. There is a file id number in every rejection email for the purpose of resubmitting if the faults can be rectified. I have had several images rejected initially, which have then been accepted after a bit of work in Photoshop (to sort out noise or copyright issues).

By the same token, there have also been a couple of images which were rejected for the dreaded 'not what we're looking for' reason. In this case, if you truly believe it is a good stock image, then you can always try resubmitting it a few days later. Sometimes one person's opinion on an image will be different to the original reviewer...

Posted: 02/10/2006, 11:56:39 AM
Thank you for bringing up the resubmit policy of Dreamstime, Stuart. If you put the file number in the area provided, it goes to the top of the queue and is reviewed first. You are given a second chance at Dreamstime because administration wants you to have a strong portfolio with good sales at good pay, and clients who will return to your portfolio again and again.

Song, there are two steps of exposure before you get to the final image. In the "old days" of film, first you had the camera exposure, then there was exposure as the film was subjected to the light of the enlarger. In digital your RAW converter is very much like the exposure in an enlarger. I have spent many hours tweaking RAW conversions trying to get it just right. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but it's part of the process....and so much nicer than smelling stop bath and being stuck in a dark room all day:-)

Bruce Fraser has written excellent books on Camera RAW for both Adobe CS and CS2. Most of the Photoshop books listed in the "Stock Photo Utilities" section of Dreamstime also include information on RAW conversion.
Posted: 02/11/2006, 00:31:32 AM
Thanks for the tips on RAW. Does anybody know of a raw file converter? I have two cameras with two different raw programs and sometimes I would like to be able to use one program over the other depending on what needs tweaking. I have Canon Rebel XT files that are CR2 and the files from my Panasonic Lumix are RAW format.
Posted: 02/11/2006, 01:05:23 AM
Songbird, you could try Raw shooter essentials. It's free and supports loads of different cameras. There's also an updated version that you could pay for if you like it. You can find the free version on the link. :)

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Posted: 02/11/2006, 02:35:28 AM
Adobe Camera Raw supports both the Rebel XT / 350D and the Lumix.

Depends on whether you use Photoshop though...

I had a file rejected for being over-filtered. Odd because it was almost straight from the camera and unprocessed.
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Posted: 02/11/2006, 14:28:18 PM
I've made quite a bit of money using OTHER sites & agencies for several years now.

I'm sorry, but this site has been the absolute worst stock-site I've ever worked with.

I've read from many other photographers on here who have said similar things regarding issues on 'why so many photos on this site get rejected'.

I'm sorry, but I have to fully agree with every one of them now.

I completely understand the 'avoiding spammer' shots out there & I am always open to constructive critisism. But the rejection rate here is absolutely rediculous & can really waste a lot of your hard work & time. I've been shooting photography for nearly 20 years + now, have had 48 major publications of my photos, won 11 nationwide photo contests, worked 4 years in film developing & dark rooming, 16 years with Canon, & shot for 2 major media companies as well.

I assure you that I don't say any of this to 'brag' by any means. I only bring all of this up to let 'Dreamstime' know that I actually do know a little bit about the business, resolutions, buyers, & particularly - a good or 'acceptable' shot from a bad one.

Now that I'm retired & just doing stock-photos again for extra income, I've still had great success on nearly every other site I belong to & MUCH better service from the other staff members than the ones here. I have submitted only about 60 photos so far (some of my best even) & they rejected ALL but 4 of them.

When I asked why? I was only given 'computer-generated' e-mails for each one, stating either 'it's out of focus' or 'image is poorly scanned & not good enough resolution'.

(That's real funny, considering that I don't even own a scanner.)

I shoot everything using either 8.5 - 11 megapixel cameras, shoot in RAW format, use 'L' lenses & ALWAYS save & submit them at the highest, possible resolution avaiable. Yet, nearly 90% of these photos were accused of being submitted at very low-resolutions or poorly scanned? This makes absolutely, no sense to me.

3 pictures were 'time-lapse', nature style shots of creeks or river water running over rocks. Each image was used with the shutter open for 20 seconds. (It even tells you this in the EXIF info) They rejected these stating that 'they're too out of focus & we suggest you try using a tripod or faster shutter speed'.

Now can someone tell me just how you are suppose to take a 'time-lapse' or 'long-open shutter shots' - using fast shutter speeds? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the shot? Also, it's almost humanly impossible to take any long exposure shot of 20 seconds using your bare hands. Of COURSE I used a tripod, just like anyone else would have, but they actually suggested that I 'try one the next time'. Each of these photos have sold over 30 times a piece, and one of them just recently got published in a magazine. Everything is in perfect focus, with the execption of the 'running creek water', which of course has that 'silky' look to it - because of the long open shutter.

These kind of rejections show me that they are either not looking at the pictures, not reading the EXIF info or just not even using plain, common sense. And quite frankly, that's a little insulting to ANY experienced photographer in my opinion.

Once again, I'm no 'better' than anyone else here or on any other site - but like most of you, it's not that hard to tell a 'crap' shot from a good one. Having a photo here or there get rejected or pointed out for 'improvement' is completely acceptable in my book. I think it is a good way for people to improve their photos. But having nearly 90% of some of your best work, 'tossed-out' for these silly reasons is completely absurd. I'm very 'anal' myself & certainly 'my own worst critic'. I won't even submit a photo if 'one' pixel doesn't look right to me. I examine each & every photo with a fine-tooth comb before any submissions & I only send in my 'best' work. Photography is not just a 'hobby' for me. Like I said, I've spent most of my life dealing with nearly all aspects of photography & have been lucky enough to make a pretty good career out of it. But I honestly think that 'Dreamstime' is NOT taking quality time to properly review photos from everyone & certainly does a poor job of responding with their reasonings.

Even sadder, I've seen a lot of good photography in here from most of you, but it's ashame that I'll never get to see most of your work or maybe even your best shots, simply because 'Dreamstime' wants to be this anal & rediculous with so many photographers images, just to avoid 'spam-shots' or whatever. I know some of you here have said that you've had decent sells or success with 'Dreamstime', but you can't help but think, "how much MORE success you might have had if they would allow more of your good work to be accepted?"

I'm sorry, but I really don't think this company 'examines' every picture the way it should be examined & throws away too many possible 'prizes' from everybody. For those of you on here that enjoy this site or are having any success with it, I wish you good luck. For those thinking about joining or hoping to get a lot of their photos on here & sell well, you really might want to re-consider other sites or you could waste a lot of your time 'fine-tuning' your shots & up-loading them one at a time for days, only to get most of them rejected for crazy reasons. I myself, have removed my accepted photos (all 4 of them!) and sticking with the better sites with people who actually 'look' at your photos & give them a chance vs. a 'computer program' that examines them & has no clue what photography even is.

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Posted: 02/14/2006, 01:28:11 AM
Morris1948, you obviously came here to raise flames considering that an editor has carefuly replied to all your emails. You didn't care to check our arguments, you just felt offended that we didn't select your images. In such cases would be very easy for us to post here samples at 100% of the refused files, but this is not the point of my post.

Without proper excuses for the language you have used in your messages, we will not continue this conversation, not even on email. This site is free and contributing here is a privilege not everyone's right. We reserve to select what we host and to select our members.

No matter if we are right or not (yes, sometimes we make mistakes and we admit that, we are humans), you have no excuses to use that kind of language, especially when you're talking with a lady. Seeing your emails, I don't know who would not feel offended by this type of language, you obviously need some character because you have none.

To all other users reading this post: I am sorry, because we respect you, we cannot paste email examples for reference here. However, we cannot tolerate such cruelty against our editors or any member of the site.
Edited: 02/14/2006, 04:07:39 AM
Hi all, life goes on, irregardless of any photo rejection!

Yes, fustration there is when our pixs are rejected but life goes on.

DT have the rights to select type of images for their site. Be cool!

So far I have got sales here too, and reaching my first 100.....

Posted: 02/15/2006, 19:15:57 PM
Once in a while the Photos Rejection topic comes back...
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Posted: 02/15/2006, 19:41:24 PM
That is because, once in a while, we have to reject a few pics! LOL :D

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Posted: 02/16/2006, 01:49:57 AM

Feel free to post ANY of those e-mails if you want. I have absolutely nothing to hide. You seem to be more interested in the use of ones 'extremely obscene' language - than you do responding to legitimate questions or concerns from others. Which by the way, the 2 words that you are referring to that I used,(referring to what a beaver builds & a donkey's rear-end) were very mild ones used from the bible - which I hardly consider that to be 'obscene', or for that matter, even relevant to this conversation. But I like the way you're trying to make me out to be this profane, lunatic. I also like the fact that you never bothered to mention the e-mail in which one of your staff members (which I was respectful enough NOT to mention his/her name) did finally respond to me personally, but in a very, rude-like manner - and told me that I should 'learn how to use this little thing called a tri-pod'. This is how you allow your staff to talk to your customers or submitters? How is a response like this NOT going to upset someone? (I also DID apologize to that person in the next e-mail, but you failed to mention that either I see).

And yet, you say I have no character? (take a good look in the mirror my friend)

I was very respectul in my last post on here (which you obviously didn't read very well) and no where in that post did I come in here to 'raise flames' as you so well put it, nor was I rude or did any 'name-calling' like you just did.

You call this the 'Free discussions' area & I was simply posting my 2 cents to the original people who started this topic, because I happened to agree with them & put my opinion & experiences in as well - what's so wrong with that? Does every single member or photographer in these forums HAVE to agree with YOU & everything YOU say in order not to be accused of 'rasing flames' or 'offending' you or your staff? If so, then why do you call it 'Free Discussions'?

That's fine with me. Like I said, I'm having WAY more success with other companies out there & if I do get an occassional 'rejection' (which I don't mind) - they actually take the time & courtesy to personally reply with personal, legitimate responses regarding why the photo didn't get accepted - you guys don't do this here at 'Dreamstime'. But you DO have countless amounts of other posts in all of your forums in here regarding these EXACT same issues. Your answers always consist of something like "trust us, we're professionals, we know what we're doing" - or "We here at Dreamstime just don't have the time to give personal responses & explinations regarding why a photo got rejected'.

-If that's the case Achilles, then why do you have SO much spare time on your hands to come in here to these forums all of the time - especially to complain about ones 'vocabulary skills'?

I'm sorry, but this is exactly why I can't take you or your staff very seriously. You've just proved my point again with your previous post. You STILL never commented on the reasons for why you or your staff just send out all of these 'computer generated' e-mails with the exact same 'out-of-focus' type responses that a lot of people are complaining about. You STILL never responded about if you actually read EXIF info on submitted photos that would confirm which shutter speeds were used. Are you even capable of answering or responding to ANY issues such as these, other than just concentrating on someones 'verbal skills', 'attacking your staff', or just simply ending threads like these with your classic, coward-like, trademark "This thread is now closed"?

-I won't be surprised if you even close this one now because I didn't 'praise' DT with the highest of compliments.

-But since you won't respond with reasonable answers to problems or concerns like these, at least think twice or even 3 times before you EVER accuse someone of having 'no character' - when you don't even know them. I never accused you of that - why don't you consider showing the same respect for others? Especially considering that we all help pay your salary.

I'm sorry, but after your last remarks in that last post & similiar ones that you've made to other photographers in here as well, I wouldn't want a person such as yourself, ever even having a chance to 'grade' or put your opinions in on any of my work, ever again. So I'll save you the trouble.

-Good luck with your company.

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Posted: 03/09/2006, 22:40:06 PM

Originally posted by Bartproduction:
Quoted Message: Hi all, I guess everyone will encounter photo rejections on DT.

Some has a lot and some not so. Irregardless.

But till today, I am having doubts of our reviewers?

Why I said that, I have got about 20images just got rejected but was accepted at 4 other RF microsites and selling well.

Well, well, life goes on........

Bart, if you submit to multiple micro sites you will invariably have some images accepted by some and not others. I have images here that were rejected by other sites. I have had images rejected here that have been accepted by other sites. It's a fact of microstock life. This may sound trite, but the best thing you can do is to keep shooting and submitting. And have fun doing it!

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Posted: 03/10/2006, 15:24:38 PM
Listen to SeaOtter......have fun! It should be a pleasure to shoot your photographs and make illustrations. It will show in your work. This sounds weird, but you do get used to the refusals over time, and it's not such a big deal.

Some of the photographers here with large portfolios have high refusal rates. Those are the photographers who really make me smile, give me inspiration, and the ones I admire the most. It's that kind of spirit that carries over into everything a person does, and they're going to be successful in whatever they attempt.

Remember, Thomas Edison failed 9,000 times before he invented the light bulb. Think where we'd all be right now if he'd gotten frustrated and quit at 8,000 attempts:-)
Posted: 03/10/2006, 20:39:11 PM

Originally posted by Sophieso:
Quoted Message:

Remember, Thomas Edison failed 9,000 times before he invented the light bulb. Think where we'd all be right now if he'd gotten frustrated and quit at 8,000 attempts:-)

Yes, we'd be in the dark (sorry could not resist)

I used to get frustrated about the rejections and thought that I would never "get it". I almost forgot why I do photography----because I love it. Keeping that in mind puts things into perspective and makes the rejections less frustrating.
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Posted: 03/10/2006, 21:15:58 PM
Rejection is part of the submission process
Posted: 03/15/2006, 11:26:42 AM
I was hoping someone would state the fun pun lurking within the Edison factoid:-)

I've always been a print photographer, and moving into stock was really, really hard for me, especially because all the reviewers are idiots and don't know a good photograph when they see it:-) Rejection was very confusing at the beginning, but then one day the light bulb went on, and ironically the lights began to dim on the hail storm of rejections.

You either stick it out and show yourself what you're made of, or you take the easy route--quit. There's nothing easier than finding reasons to quit and people to blame for your difficulties. Sticking with whatever you choose and seeing it through until you get the hang of it is always the most difficult road. There are always forums that fuss and fume about rejections, but they're a teeny, tiny part of the microstock community. Daily I'm blown away by the determination and constant resolve to stick with it that comes from the overwhelming majority of people playing this game. There are a lot of remarkable photos on this site, but they're nothing compared to the people behind those photos and illustrations.
Posted: 03/15/2006, 12:41:00 PM
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