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Model Releases

When exactly do you need a model release. I have a pic of my son swimming. You can not see his face, it is him mid-stroke with his swim cab and one arm out of the water. You can not see his name on the cap either.

Newbie question, sorry.
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Posted: 02/29/2012, 22:20:11 PM
You should upload a model release for such an image.
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Posted: 03/01/2012, 01:25:08 AM
If someone can recognise themselves then you need a release, and even if you think its doubtful its best to get the release if possible to cover youself
Posted: 03/01/2012, 08:22:45 AM
Every shot I uploaded that had people in it has been rejected so far. I have one of a guy in Vietnam holding up sticks of incense in front of an alter. His raised arm completely covers his face but the shot was rejected because I didn't have a model release. They seem to be fairly strict about that here. (I'm still learning the ropes myself.)
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Posted: 07/05/2012, 14:59:12 PM