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Updated website - Anything missing?

We recently updated our website ( So far all looks great, but I'd like to have your input regarding if there's something missing that you'd like to see.

Any comments are really appreciated.
Posted: 03/15/2012, 11:19:27 AM
Some places in the world have very slow internet connections and some people do not use flash. I suggest that, on your home page, you include an option to view a static version of your site.

I really like your design! Neat, Clean and uncluttered.
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Posted: 03/16/2012, 20:26:38 PM
Thanx for the feedback. I actually didn't use any flash. All is script meditated. As for a slow connection I know the site runs well on a blackberry through a wireless connection. I think through phone-line connections the site should run as well. I hope someone can confirm.
Posted: 03/17/2012, 09:26:39 AM